New Hermes Bag: 2018 24/24 Bag

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  1. When Allenrv posted this photo earlier, I wondered if it was barenia. Is it BF or gold togo for the body?
  2. Good question. A friend and I was wondering about the same thing. :thinking:
  3. My SA told me that the body is togo.
  4. Do they come in smaller sizes?
  5. As of now, it comes in 2 sizes. Size 29 and size 32.
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  6. What’s the equivalent in kelly sz?
  7. Kelly comes in 28 and 32. The reference library has pictures showing sizes.
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  8. The bigger size is 35 not 32.
  9. We have an answer thanks to screenshot that @azukitea posted here. So it is Barenia Faubourg body with heritage Barenia on the flap.
  10. ...and for those who are interested in this design, this one was available briefly this afternoon

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  11. ... on which country‘s page was that?
  12. Not sure abt the equivalent in Kelly size but my friend tried size 29 and said that it is similar to a Birkin 30 size.
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  13. Not sure why H always pair their bags with skinny straps ! They just don't balance the bag very well, especially on this design. I'm not a big fan of this design simply because it looks too much like a Fendi's peekaboo. If it was paired with a canvas strap, I would be sold on it but why should I dish out another 1K for a strap?
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  14. Would be nicer if it comes in the 28cm size.
  15. I am still drawn to this bag.
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