New Hermes Bag: 2018 24/24 Bag

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  1. A friend sent me this pic. Seems like a new H bag. Looks nice and soft. Anyone with intel?

    Thanks. 20180922_084103.jpg
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  3. I’ve been anxiously awaiting their arrival in the stores. I can’t wait to see one in person. What boutique did your friend see this?
  4. Hmmmm
  5. Seems like this bag also appeared in Canada.

    Screenshot_20180922-212136.jpg Screenshot_20180922-212152.jpg Screenshot_20180922-212158.jpg Screenshot_20180922-212204.jpg Screenshot_20180922-212208.jpg
  6. Owwww for those who like under the radar bags but dont mind paying the Birkin price!
  7. Ouch!!! Lol
    Think I can make do with my birkinssss happily ever after
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  8. Is that a slip pocket I see on the back of the bag?
  9. Ooh I haven’t seen this in real life, but love what I see so far.... thank you for the post. I am actually stuck at a very boring event and keep checking TPF LOL
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  10. Is it fiddly to open when worn? I see the handle is on top of the flap, similar to a Kelly
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  11. Do we think the 'ears' can be tucked-in to look more formal????
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  12. I think it would be like opening and closing a Kelly without doing up the sangles, so not especially fiddly but easier when using the shoulder strap.
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  13. Also just to point out there is already a H bag named "24/24" which I have come across via google search,

    Though it is a rested/retired style, I am wondering why Hermes has named this model with the same name? Is it supposed to be an updated version to the original 24/24? To me they dont even look remotely similar at all
  14. Weird. They must love the name at H HQ
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