New Cartier collection ecrou

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  1. I agree with you totally, seeing in person makes huge difference, when I got mine I was head over heels in love. I still l9ve it ,special if you like texture feeling items this had nice feel to it ,if that makes sense ,I love to play with bolts move them around, it' fun
  2. I love that you love it! That is the most important thing and the moveable pieces sound pretty cool. I didn't mean any offense by what I said about it. :flowers:
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  3. Thank u I appricate it, no worries,it' all good :*
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  4. I can't wait to see these in person. We are "Car people" (to put it mildly) and this would be fun. Of course I'd want the diamond version....but who am I kidding I still don't even have a JUC and that's next on my list. Maybe the appeal of the Ecrou idea will wear off in time....for now it's just what I could see myself wearing at times...

  5. ..I saw it in person a few weeks ago, it was BEAUTIFUL !!
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  6. So what color did u like ,I'm glad you loved it too♡♡
  7. I saw both the RG and WG at the NYC Mansion location...I went to purchase a second Love but changed my mind..For some reason, I didn’t like the look on me. My Love is loose fit and
    there was too much movement for me, they felt heavy too...I walked over to Van Cleef and purchased a bracelet there..I love it with my Love...❤️
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  9. Congrats !
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    I have some wonderful news ,they will be releasing the De Ecrou:nuts: Bracelet in yellow version in Sept:heart::heart:

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  11. What a great news! I just asked the boutique earlier this year but no one can confirm it.
  12. I love them both stacked together get them both!
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  13. Ecrou or B.zero1? I'd like to complete my Cartier collection with the Ecrou but I think I prefer the Bvlgari style [emoji848] IMG_1526666962399.jpg tapatalk_1514409434781.jpeg
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  14. Bzero looks better put together with the Love.
  15. I think that ecrou looks amazing with the other two. Tried it on myself recently but I wear the other two every day and I did feel they might be too heavy to have them all on 24/7.

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