New Cartier collection ecrou

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  1. I just read an article that Cartier has a new collection for this year called ecrou and saw that Cartier filed a trademark application last year for this line. Anyone have any photos of what this collection looks like or any other jewelry or watches that will be released this year?
  2. I have photos , stock pics from the book. But will post soon. There are some cool things coming. Amulet has a beautiful new bracelet coming. Very cool, ying yang
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  3. Thanks! Just curious - what book are you getting this from? Is it a catalogue? I have never gotten one. But perhaps it's because I'm not a high roller lol or perhaps because i buy through saks.
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  4. Hi. My boutique! It is their look book. :smile: They will be out soon. I am not a high roller, but they treat me like one for sure. Lots of gifts!

    The new bracelets coming out are a coiled look, with a hex nut in stations. it is cool if you have LOVE and JUC , it fits in. :smile:
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  6. The ecrou bracelet is a bit modern for my taste. Not sure what Cartier was thinking there lol. The JUC necklace is interesting but think a person would have to have a thin long neck - not me lol. Thank you for sharing!
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  7. I agree. What is awkward is I literally made a bracelet exactly like that when I was younger. I thought I was so cool wearing "gears" (to me) on my wrist lol.
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  8. My boutique invited us to a special event for the ecrou... once I saw picture of the bracelet we declined. It seems very masculine to me
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  9. Agree it is masculine as well. I'm sure we'll hear more about the collection at Basel. Looks like Cartier needs a new vision. Their loves and JUCs are beautiful. Loves are classics obviously. I haven't decided yet whether the JUC will withstand the test of time. I have tried to like their amulettes collection but the spiritual aspect kind of is a turn off for me. I'm not into evil eye type things but that is just my personal thing. Plus I read a post somewhere around here about how the amulettes look like PAC man. Unfortunately I can't get that image out of my head! The colors are beautiful though on the amulettes collection. I'd love to see Cartier work with these colors and try something else.
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  10. I'm sorry but this is a tragic fail to me. I'm a huge Cartier fan and generally enjoy all their pieces but this??? I don't understand this, it looks very elementary and silly. It's almost as if Cartier is thinking "at this point we can make anything in gold and people will buy it". Hopefully they might make some modifications or something. Just not my cup of tea and don't really think it fits in with the brand.
  11. Nope, not a fan at all. I get the concept behind the Love and think that the JUC looks edgy yet timeless (have and adore both), but this bracelet... I don't get it :no: What's next? Gold Cartier pliers, or a toolbox perhaps?
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  12. NO THANKS! Huge fail!
  13. I personally like it. I wear now a love bracelet and the JUC ring cause the bracelet just didn't fit me right. This may be what I need in my collection. I am a little confused on how it goes on. Does it have a hinge or is a slide on bangle?
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  14. It kinda reminds me of Pandora's bracelets for some reason. But it's definitely not a "futur bracelet iconique de Cartier" up there with JUC and Love.
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  15. This made me burst out laughing lol.