New Cartier collection ecrou

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  1. Love it :heart::heart::heart:looks amazing all in pink wow great look :flowers:
  2. Love ecrou bracelet ,pictures of the stacks :cool: look amazing really pops on you.
  3. Ecrou,it adds texture and contrast whereas the bzero looks too much like the love?
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  4. Thanks for all the feedbacks. The Ecrou is definitely one of a kind, the B.zero1, classy and classic [emoji848]
  5. I never liked the Ecrou, until I tried it on yesterday. I fell in love! I am going to have to save for this piece, but it will be worth it!
  6. Relaxing day :heart:

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  7. so the ECROU DE CARTIER BRACELET doesn't come in yellow gold? correct?
  8. They said in late Oct I
    They will be coming out with it
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  9. #145 Sep 7, 2018
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    Thank you so much for the update. This will be awesome.:hbeat:
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  10. It's already out now, but thanks for the update.
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  11. I see it on the web site, think they finally released it in YG!
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  12. Yes, I saw it on the website today. Yayyyy :love: . I'm saving pennies.
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  13. I see to now love all three colors great choice in any color
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  14. True.
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