New Cartier collection ecrou

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  1. BC15A6CF-0E3C-4D8C-B3B5-8E2D0F59FCAA.jpeg Bought one today. It’s certainly different!
  2. Does anyone know where the Cartier logo is engraved on this piece? Can't seem to find it in any of the pictures :confused1:

  3. It’s on the screw the bracelet clasps into. It’s very tiny. I can’t even get a good pic to place on here
  4. I love the Ecrou, but it doesn’t seem as popular as the Love or the Juste Un Clou. Even on Insta, it seems people stack tons of Love and Juste Un Clou, but rarely the Ecrou.

    Why do you think this is? I am thinking of adding this to my stack, but wondering if a rainbow Love or another Juste Un Clou would be better?
  5. I think it‘s a very unique, edgy piece, utilitarian if you will, and might not be feminine enough for some. For me, I love it, but then I tend toward more edgy pieces. I just picked up a JUC and while there I tried on the YG Ecrou and I was very very pleased with how it looked on me. I‘ll definitely be getting one in the future.
  6. I loved the Ecrou as it first came out.
    At the time I just but my Love Bracelet ( WG /2 diamonds) .
    The only reason that I didn't get the Ecrou yet is the budget!
    And what I also love about the Ecrou is that it is not popular. I think majority don't like the funky industrial vibe it gives.

    For me,I prefer a single Love Bracelet and if I like to stack it I will add different kind of bracelets, and the Ecrou will definitely be a great addition.
  7. Ordered mine [emoji16] _20190420_154416.JPG
  8. Do you find the nuts all wind up stacked on one end? I’m between sizes and went up and I find from it rolling on my arm they wind up by the clasp. It’s annoying although I do like the bracelet I find I don’t put it on as much.
  9. I do and it's a little annoying. LOL. I still love it though. IMG_20190425_132802_491.jpg
  10. Yes it does I found it to be very annoying like you don't wear as much because of the fact they all land on one side so you don't get to see the look of nuts.i wish they had some kind stoppers to put in between stop from moving as much
  11. As you can see second picture this happens all the time,drove me nuts so stop wearing it

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  12. That’s good to know. I will cross this bracelet off my list!
  13. Sorry to hear that but I know from my experience with it
  14. I love ecrou bracelet but i think it’s too thick for me, do you guys think they will make a thin version like love and juc bracelets?
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