New Cartier collection ecrou

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  1. I tried on the YG Ecrou in KOP this weekend. It's very cool, but I'm just afraid the "nuts" on it would destroy my love bracelets in a stack. I was worried enough about the JUC and that's not as sharp or chunky anywhere.
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  2. Does KOP mean King of Prussia ?
  3. I got it bro need to answer.
  4. was this bracelet with diamonds and the hoop earrings ever released? thanks
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  5. or was it only released in the Middle East?
  6. Finally a nice photo of the Ecrou de Cartier ring.

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  7. Here is a picture of the Ecrou ring, my sales lady sent this pic to me.

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  8. Hmm.. it looks a bit strange with the band not sitting on the finger due to the height of the nuts, but that’s just my opinion
  9. I love it too but didn't try it on.
    And I'm worried also it will ruin my Love.
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  10. That's striking but I can't imagine it's comfortable...
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  11. I wear my ecrou cartier bracelet looks cool with my loves no issues of scratching,my loves at all

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  12. I tried it on. It was definitely not comfortable.
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  13. Just spoke to an Ambassador in NY: ecrou with baguette diamonds is estimated for release in WG and PG next April 2019. I can't wait!!
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  14. Wow I would love to see how that works!!
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  15. :happydance:
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