New Cartier collection ecrou

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  1. I am definitely getting a ring and maybe the hoops!!!!
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  2. Any news on the release date?
  3. I called Sa they don't have release date on the rings, which I'm bummer about, they are releasing yellow ecrou out this year .I'm looking forward to the rings too
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  4. Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see the new pieces in person!
  5. And here I was thinking I was the only one that thought it was ugly as sin :lol: Has anyone that hated it come around to liking it at all??

    Whenever I see it all I can think of is Home Depot, not Cartier.
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  6. This cartier ecrou bracelet i love it, some love it, some dont.that why I love cartier they make something for everyone taste
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  7. Personally I still think it’s terribly ugly but to each their own!
  8. I agree totally. I could go bend an alltread from Home Depot and put some nuts on it. I doubt anyone could tell the difference.
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  9. Not a fan either; the Ecrou bracelet looks best worn by itself. I don’t like it stacked with a Love or JUC. It takes away from the beauty of the Love and JUC.
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  10. LOLLL I thought the same thing! When my Opa saw things like that he’d be like “I could make that.” And then he would. And it would be identical lol.
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  11. ....not a far...haha
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  12. Love this collection! Think it’s very edgy!
  13. I kinda like it but would need to see in real life to be sure... it's a big departure from classic Cartier
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  14. I think it' edgy and cool ,you have too see it in person. . i know it' been doing very well in Europe. I love it's different an unusual and not everyone has it.
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  15. I wish that I would've looked at these while I was at the boutique last week. It'll be a couple of weeks until my next trip there to try it on. It seems like a style that's "meh" in photos, but gorgeous in real life. JUC is also like that for me. Love and thin Love photograph best, but in person, JUC stops me in my tracks. Maybe Ecrou is similar.
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