New Cartier collection ecrou

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  1. I understand mine was 5 hours away after many phone to online boutique, I finally got the store I deal with to order it for me and ship it .the pictures dont show the beauty of the encrou . I think it' very cool piece, they recommend same size as your love. because it's the same shape as them, I can' wait to see yours when you get it:smile:
  2. Very cool for people who needed to fidget ,I find moving the bolts around is alot of fun, multi functional piece ☆☆☆

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  3. I'm sooooo confused, I wanted to complete my Cartier stack with an Ecrou but I tried again the Bvulgari B.Zero1, it's so gorgeous, especially associated with the ring, caaaaaaan't decide
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  5. Could not try the Ecrou in my size, only available upon order.
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    Wow I'm sorry ,but I had the same issue ,I ordered it I love it so much in plan on getting another one ,I hope you get one too.what color gold are u going to get ,
  7. I love it white and pink next will be amazing together ☆☆♡♡combination

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  8. Yes, but it's so annoying to order such an expensive item without trying it...
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  9. I agree with u ,I had the same issue I went by what they recommended for me, it' perfect,but if you order online ,you have the option of exchange if you needed too.i had to order mine at my store because online didn' have my size,I can' wait to see yours
  10. To be honest love it more then loves ,I'm so happy they have this new style I read about the meaning of the ecrou fitting me,and my personality
  11. It looks like new items in the Ecrou de Cartier collection are coming soon: Bracelet with Diamonds, Rings in Standard and Diamonds, as well as hoop earrings:

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  12. Oh my goodness ,I know what I'm getting next ring. I wish I could get the bracelet with diamond so freaking cool, thank u for sharing this:*
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  13. Wowww!! [emoji7] do you happen to know the price for the ring??
  14. Thanks for sharing !
    Earings are beautiful' rings are fun.
  15. Omg totally gonna get a ring!!!!
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