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  1. Thank you so much! I was going nuts here! :tup:
  2. Good to know...thanks, darling. Merry Christmas! :tup:
  3. I wanted the E/W Bayswater in stone but was sold out by the time I got online. :Push: 9 am GMT is 4 am EST not 5 am. :Push: Oh well.

    I ordered the large green Somerset. I was debating about which size to get. The small looks sooo cute but it's TINY, the handle on the medium looks funny to me and after sitting with my tape measure and an E/W Bayswater to get an idea of the size I decided on the large.

    Shipping this time is 20 GBP, which is less than I've paid before.
  4. Skyqueen - hope you get and love the Jody!

    Merry Christmas to you too!!

    BTW - love your sig!! Too true!
  5. Must say am disappointed again this year, but then I don't think there was anything I was after to be honest.

    Congrats to you girls with new purchases :biggrin:
  6. Does anyone else think it's odd that the sale has been going on for six hours and hardly anything is sold out?!

    I reckon there'll be loads of further reductions on Saturday, once the presale ends....
  7. Oh I hope so! Then they can make price adjustments for us. :graucho:
  8. I didn't even think of that :Push::lol:

    Nobody buy that last Large Green Somerset - give them a chance to reduce it further :tup:
  9. Well, I ordered the large Toby Messenger in choc - I'd still kill for a Barnaby, but for the price, and size, and colour, the Toby seems to tick the boxes.... and a large messenger bag is the only thing I'm really lacking.

    I'll see. I like the design, but to be a keeper it depends on the leather. I've seen 2 IRL, and one was lovely and grainy, but the other was kinda too grainy - made me think of a toad.

    So basically if it's a toad leather, I send it back :smile:

    I also ordered a pink/brown tie-dye scarf.

    (I was v tempted by the prices on the large Bayswaters, but I stuck to my agenda....phew).
  10. Price adjustments - tell me more!!!!
  11. OK, I'm an idiot but can someone link to what you're talking about? I can't find a sale section!
  12. I agree with Ditab, I think we'll see more bags in the sale, and more reductions once the pre-sale is over. It happened last year, didn't it?

    (Watch me implode if a choc Barnaby comes up....:Push::smile:)

  13. seriously!? it's possible that they put more/other bags on sale? that would be great! when is the pre-sale over? :nuts:
  14. Merry Christmas everyone !!

    I have been waiting for the black Large Bays to go on sale.
    My wish has been granted, and I ordered that and an initial to go with it.
    The sales are great if they have what you are looking for !!
  15. Dita am so glad your green somerset was in the sale! I had an inkling it might be but it was one of my maybe's so I didn't want to say one way or the other incase you were dissapointed. Not bought anything........yet. Merry Xmas everyone xxx
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