Mulberry Online Sale - share your purchases

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  1. Good morning all.. hope everyone had a great christmas day. I snuck a peek on the sale website yesterday and ordered a cat charm! Very happy. Look forward to seeing the reveals.
  2. I did too and am glad that I did it early because they seem to be sold out now. How cute1
  3. Being in Australia, it was 8pm on Christmas Day that the sale finally opened for me. Huge time difference and I was jittery all day waiting.
    My hopes were dashed - no reduced Ledburys, but I recovered and snapped up a small Mabel in ocean blue, my first Mulberry. I'm so excited, can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. I'm really quite obsessed.
  4. i clicked on the mulberry site just through, i didn't follow the link that could be the problem ( for my purchases i did the first time but it asked for a promotional code and i thought maybe this would have been described in the email i received. i think i did pretty well anyhow with the reduced initial charms and a cute croc keyring)

    i hope we have not bought too soon and the prices go down again there seems to be a lot of confusion xx:shrugs:
  5. Hello all, I was confused by the extra 10% off but I think it was included in the price discount - I think they were either 30-50% off plus another 10% off the sale price. So I expect the price will go up again tomorrow.

    Nothing in the sale I wanted... but over on good ol' ebay I found... an oak Rosemary - with receipt - let's hope it's real!
  6. I went back for a bunny keyring too, as although I am a cat person, I actually like the rabbit keyring better. The Mulberry payment system seemed to be playing up badly and refused my card on the first 3 attempts.

  7. Ooh congratulations Dita! Know you have wanted that for a while! I looked longingly at the great price of the green somerset this morning, but after red mabel I must resist....
  8. And Congratulations Griddlebone, for the mabel after the start fiasco earlier in the week! Glad you got it!
  9. My sentiments exactly! I really adore the silver hardware, but there weren't too many bags with it... I loved everything in the polished stone, but alas it was already sold out. Since I didn't need to be spending any money, this is a good thing I suppose. :shrugs:
  10. Well I got as far as the checkout with the dachsund keyring - and saw the cost of delivery! No way am I paying £6.50 delivery charge for such a small item, I don't want it that much!
  11. Please help. When I bring up theres no sale, am I being daft? Does the Bond St store sale start tomorrow (what time?). I'am desperate for a mink ombre Bays (although DH will kill me), wish I had just bought one full price.
  12. There is no ombre bays in the online sale.
  13. ^^ I got the Mink Bays for Christmas. Didn't see it on Got mine from Bloomies. Managed to get 20% off with the F&F's...I think I just lucked out. One popped back on Bloomingdale's website (probably a return) right in time for the F&F's discount. I felt good I got the 20% off. Haven't seen any since...and I was looking for Snoopy.
  14. Well done Skyqueen, it's a really gorgeous bag.
  15. I wonder if they will have any in the Mulberry shop. Can you phone the shop & pay by card over the phone when the sale is on?