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  1. missed out on the small somerset tote so went for keyrings instead i got an E for me and a couple of other letters as gifts for next year

    a croc keyring also for my mum x
  2. Nothing for me, am being good!
  3. Rather disappointingly there was nothing I HAD to have in the sale so I haven't bought anything. My pebble Mabel will be my Christmas bargain!
  4. Ordered a couple "S" keyrings, but not happy about the delivery charges..have sent an email to customer services.
  5. I have not seen any modellingpics but it says 23 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm
    and an ordinary bays is 26 cm x 36 cm x 16 cm

    so it should be 9 cm longer and 9 cm wider, but 3 cm less high.
  6. Having a online store myself its quite difficult to keep everyone happy regarding P+P couriers usually have a standard charge up to 2Kg after which it goes up also stores usually end up paying something towards the costs so its swings and roundabouts really when you order something sometimes you win sometimes you loose
  7. I can't imagine the 2 keyrings are going to be over 2kg, I've ordered a mabel from the website in the summer and that was £10 p&p so I think 12.50 is taking the p!$$ for something thats tiny in comparison. If u order one is £6.50.
  8. Sorry you didn't say on your original post that it was £12.50 does sound a bit excessive
  9. I can't decide between the lg Jody shoulder or the Jody satchel. I want a gold but I'm afraid the shoulder will be too small. I'm 5'10". Anyone have one of these or seen it IRL???
  10. I keep getting an error so I cannot see the prices only the items, can one of you tell me the rice on the large bayswater and the metallic gold bayswater?
  11. i wld have liked the orange normal size mable but i didnt buy it. was looking for the orange large Warren messenger as it disapeared off the normal site a few weeks ago, but its not in the sale
  12. Skyqueen- I have the large Jody shoulder and am 5'8" and it's just fine. In fact, it is a wonderful bag to carry. Mine is seville.
  13. aarrggh I keep getting an error, is it only me? I want to know the prices of those bays :sad:
  14. ^^
    The large Bayswater in Oak is 437.40.
    Bronze metallic Bayswater is 500.40.
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