Mulberry Online Sale - share your purchases

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  1. I got the large blue Roxanne tote and the pig keychain!

    A local boutique had the tote early this summer. I didn't buy it, and I've been kicking myself since. So this makes me very happy! :wlae:
  2. I don't want to get your hopes up falsely, Elkington - but I'm sure in the past that the range and availability of bags has changed after the pre-sale period. I'm guessing it depends on how the initial sale goes. If it's v slow, it would make sense for Mulberry to punt more deals out there.

    Other more experienced Mulberry sale ladies here can probably advise you better.

    (The gamble as far as I'm concerned is that after the pre-sale is over, i.e. Saturday am, the extra 10% off doesn't apply. It's a minefield! :sweatdrop:)
  3. is anyone shocked to see that there's no shimmys on the sale? :rolleyes:
  4. Thanks, daisy :tup: I'm really chuffed about it. Can't wait for it to get here.

    Well done on your restraint.... so far :nuts:

    serene, the Shimmy is SS09 so I'm not surprised they're not reduced yet. They've only reduced AW08 stock.

    blaf, I don't think they'll put more items in the sale - I just think they'll reduce further the items that haven't sold yet :yes:
  5. Congrats to everyone who got what they wanted can't wait for all the pics and reveal threads!!
  6. i've just been on mulberry website again the prices have gone back up plus i didn't receive my 10% discount from the email i was sent today from mulberry ?x
  7. Quite disappointing, had the styles I wanted - E/W Bays and Mabel but not the colours. Almost ordered some key rings, but after reading what people have said about the delivery charges not sure if I want to pay them. On the bright side, have saved money!

    A late Happy Christmas to everyone!
  8. I was wondering about buying a blue vinyl roxanne tote but eventually bottled it (prob just as well as I know it is too big for me) and just ordered a red E keyring instead. £12 not bad - reduced from £50. P+P bit steep but felt like I had saved by not getting the tote ....

  9. Bayley, I think the prices showing on the website when u go through the email link already includes the extra 10% off...if u wait til after 9am on 27th Dec thats when the prices should change and go slightly up thats what happened in the Summer Sale.

    Is there anything in particular that u've seen thats changed in price?
  10. Nothing for me, was going to buy an 'A' and a 'B' keyring but all sold out and by the time you add on the delivery charges... DD is not sure about the fuschia mabel now so might go up to Cheshire Oaks and have a look around. Congrats to all who have 'bagged' a bargain!!
  11. i just ordered the raspberry.purple snakeskin a4 roxanne tote (cheaper than the hn sale woohoo!) and some of the letter keyrings too. (telling myself i haven't actually broken my ban because i haven't decided if i'm definitely keeping the bag yet, plus i'm purging a few atm...)
  12. Is there any reason why i shouldn't be able to see the sale?
    Got an email about it. . . .
  13. Its very odd, I click the link, both the one posted in here and the one I got in my mail, then I go to the women's sales bags, I can view them, but whatever I click on, being a bag or men's bags, gets me an error - I think DH banned me somehow - or Mulberry ;D - then of course, I cannot spend money I shouldn't spend, but its still strange and I'd love to hear more of the prices in the sale.
  14. Hi what's a price adjustment and how does it work?
    Have just ordered the fuschia A4 tote, should i have waited?!!
  15. that happens mee too sometimes - you just need to keep refreshing the page and try different pages and then it works again