Mulberry Online Sale - share your purchases

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  1. #1 Dec 25, 2008
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    I thought it would be nice if we had a thread to share our online sale purchases.

    I'll kick off with.....
  2. wow the Poppies are soo cheap
  3. Grrr, images not working!

    I got the Large Green Somerset Tote (as per my wishlist!) and the bronze A hanging letter.

    Very happy!
  4. I almost bought that white vinyl tote and lila tag to it but.. njaah.. :P
    Hope everyone gets what they want before they run out :tup:
  5. Sorry to be an idiot! Where do I go to see the reduced items? I'm not signed up to their mailing list.

    Thanks! Merry Christmas!!
  6. Not that impressed but bought a Fuschia Mabel Purse and Cat keycharm.
  7. Got the fuschia mabel... still fuming that Ive ended up paying £85 more though than on Start! I think my OH is going to sue them for the difference, no idea if that will work haha
  8. Griddlebone I am so pleased you got your bag though!
  9. I had a few letter keyrings "S" in my basket and wanted to get an "A" for my sister but they r out of stock :sad: So nothing for me from although Im hoping the ocean blue mabel is on its way to me from HN after xmas.
  10. Crap, I bought the large bayswater before I realized that they were huge (should have done that research before clicking the order through). Then the EW bayswater that I really wanted came back in stock (stone polished goatskin!) and I bought that one.

    And now I'm trying to cancel the large chocolate Bays by emailing customer service. Does anyone have experience with doing this? Does it often work? Because it's going to be really annoying to have spent 3 times the shipping if I have to get it to Sweden and then send it back (and pay separate shipping for the EW).

    I shouldn't be so trigger happy on a sale, but I can't seem to help it. (Think before online-shopping should be my new motto).
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    I wasn't going to buy anything but couldnt resist when I saw my favouritebag and color on sale, and I just didn't think it was possible so...... I bought the Large Bays in oak, to be my weekendbag. I don't have a weekend bag and it always annoys me when I travel, so this was perfect. Just hope it is not to small for a weekendbag. What do you think?
  12. Gutted as nothing in the way of bayswaters I had eyed were in stock to begin with, and so none of the ones on sale tickled my fancy. And the only thing I was hoping to nab was the copperhead snake skin poppy in the blue and that is gone!! They are soo cheeky though cos I could have sworn that the fuschia snakeskin poppy was on their site only a few days ago and then suddenly it was removed! I would have been happy with either! Plus they are even cheaper than HN, down to £ 562.50!:crybaby:If anyone spots one at a bargain please PM me!!
  13. I got the Orange Mabel and a couple of the Dachshund keyrings, my sister and I both have the mini red Dachshund so I was praying they would be reduced! Also tempted by the Stone east west bays but out of stock when i tried!
  14. I have not bought a bag as I have still got an outlet voucher to spend, but I did buy a pale pink patent pocket agenda.

    Happy Christmas
  15. i'm not really interested in anything in the sale, but i just wondered how big a large bayswater actually is? has anyone ever made modelling pics with a large bays? i couldn't find any :sad: