Most overrated brand?


What is the most overrated brand?

  1. Prada

  2. Gucci

  3. Burberry

  4. Chanel

  5. Dior

  6. Vuitton

  7. Hermes

  8. Yves Saint Laurent

  9. Versace

  10. Other

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  1. I have always thought that Prada is really ovverrated with their $800 nylon bags, so I started this thread to see what everyone else on the foum thinks is ovverrated.
  2. For me it's Dior. Rarely do I see a design I really like. Just my personal opinion, I had a roommate who adored Dior almost exclusively.
  3. IntlSet, you should be in bed! It's 12:28 now! hehehehehe In my case it's perfectly resonable: I got up at 3:00 p.m. today. It's a long story.
  4. hehe i got up at 1:30 PM... i went clubbing last night. as for the poll, i think prada is overrated. the nylon, ugh. and hermes too, just for the price factor. gotta love the birkins and kellys though!
  5. Hehehe! Thanks for watching out for me, Valley... I slept all day and now I'm wide awake. You better pick on Mello_yello_jen, she's a nightowl, too!
  6. i think prada and hermes
    i got a prada clutch as aprsenst and i felt it was so not classy i dont knwo just somethign about it

    and hermes the prices are tooooooo much
  7. I agree with Prada. I thought about Hermes, but if you consider the way they produce a bag and the materials they use, it's not that crazy to have such high prices (even though I agree that in some product perhaps the prices could be more "accesible" but it's the way it always is, was and will be with Hermès ;) )
  8. some prada bags r nice but I do agree regarding the use of nylon...
  9. Prada...I have one but I think I'll stop there.
  10. Same here. :biggrin:
  11. LV. Selling denim and kindergarten monogrammed bags at premium prices...I don't think I'll ever get it.And brown monogram...70's style palette....not pretty in any way in my book.

    Well...someone asked...
  12. LV monogram and Prada nylon.
  13. I think it is LV!! so expensive for a canvas bag.. and their price are sky-high for the new so called limited edition.
  14. definately prada, but i almost hate tiffany's as well, i feal they are very simple designs (even though there a some exclusions) i think its the rich girls store whom have no taste go for the status, i have a (authenticity questionable) prada bag and the only reason i got it was it was a gift from a friend who was sick of it. I have never shoped at these stores internationally but i no they are horrorable down under as wel get all the unsellable stock from around the world
  15. I would say the nylon bags of Prada are overrated. I do love them and I have a couple but I still think it's overrated.

    Dior too. I rarely find bags that appeal to me.

    Actually, for me, most bags that go on sale are overrated. I hate to pay a price and then find the bags at half price at the end of the season.