I have been buying LV bags since 2007.. I had always believed in the quality of their bags. But the newer bags recently are truly hit or miss.. I had so many issues with either creases on canvas/bubbling, glue coming out of glazing and peeling glazing off SLGs like kirigami, coin pouches, the canvas of key cles 4 yrs ago was so much thicker than recent version that is so thin and flimsy.

I agree that new customers will.not be as picky and they will not know what to look for and therefore, these defective bags will still get sold. Thus, LV'S ATTITUDE TO LEAVE THEIR QC BE.

I have downsized my LV bags but to 1 neverfull for groceries or errands, 1 WOC, and 3 Slg. I will likely.not be buying LV anymore unless they pick up this QC problem. I had the MPA but sold it within 2 mths. The quality on that bag for thr price is just not going to age well! I cant even begin on how badly it was made, it is like mass produced with no heart.

It was so hard to pick a bag that i am truly satisfied with, in the end , i had to pick the best out of the worst- i dont have this big a problem with chanel or hermes. These are brand new from STORE! sometimes i feel it is better to buy preloved as some of their quality may be better as (some experienced buyers) have picked the better pieces and left the lousy ones in store

The CS is also hit or miss, i have met a HORRIBLY RUDE one, but i also met some amazing ones!
I have been waiting for this color key pouch and was finally able to get one but the quality sucks. I'd prefer if the shape of the pouch was actually a straight rectangle, it is not, it bugles in areas. There are two creases on the leather, scratches on the silver and it smells like some kind of chemical. I already exchanged the first one for really bad creases on both sides so this one is a little better. Will the smell go away? Contemplating if I want it enough in this color to just keep it. What do you guys think?

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Considering the money being charged for such a small item, I agree that they should do a better job with making these look more even. I was thinking about getting this exact same thing, but the craftsmanship looks so poor that it almost seems fake.

Return or keep, all up to the end user. I would have returned it too, just like you.
I have loved reading all of these stories, thank you everyone! I have a Louis Vuitton Pochette accessories from 2003 that I bought on eBay for a complete bargain and then I had the zipper replaced by Louis Vuitton a year or so later, and honestly, that bag still looks brand new. My key pouch from 2016 that I purchased brand new from the store is so tired looking, and I haven't really used it much in the last year due to covid. I personally don't think that Louis Vuitton canvas items are worth buying, I have an epi 6 key holder that's very good to be honest, but I am so disappointed with the new canvas pieces. My mum has several canvas bags, one of which had a large faux lock closure that is so scratched and scraped it looks like she's gone at it with sandpaper, its atrocious. moral of the story - i'm looking at pre loved or vintage only (maybe not from eBay as authentication is tricky) because I refuse to pay full price for an brand new object that is not perfect!

anyone else feel the same?
Been buying LV since 2016. But recently just experienced this quality issues from LV. I ordered a key pouch recently and couldn't believe they shipped me this pouch with a lot of quality issues. (See pics) I called LV and reported it right away and they apologized for this. They had me return it and they will be replacing it for me. Thanks God. Hopefully the new one that I'll be receiving won't have any issues.8ECF2AFC-FD1F-4107-8B8A-0A7C14003041.jpeg192E5522-C58A-4407-9DB7-DFC0ADA75BB7.jpegE533763B-7087-4AC4-92E7-008C5DCB9AB6.jpegEE5F8F60-04B6-4029-B4F9-3186FD0356D6.jpeg
Such a waste of time and effort for you! They need to do better. I just bought a bag from Tory Burch that was wrapped and packaged impeccably all for $300. While TB makes nice purses its still not an LV or luxury. Which gives LV no excuses whatsoever for such poor packaging!

I was just about to post a thread about this regarding a series of orders I placed online. I have 2 bags affected by the recall and have to find replacements for them. Due to my own impatience, I went to my small LV store and exchanged my almost new bags ( only used my retiro nm in noir and epi neverfull in quetsche twice each) with whatever they have at the store (all store displays except for an Alma bb in DE). My SA saw how unhappy I was with their limited selection and assured me I can exchange them within 30 days if I change my mind.

Fast forward 2 weeks later, I am still struggling. I placed two orders online amounting to an absurd amount of money just because the store inventory is always limited. I ordered the cherrywood bb in scarlet and noir and was horrified that they have dents and scratches on them, the georges pm with the felt balding, and the pm wave in noir with folds on the leather. I noticed that they don't put any stuffing inside the box (wth) so the bags are basically bouncing around in their boxes (really wtf for patent leather), I am getting frustrated to the point of crying. I have 2 little ones now and don't have all the time in the world to visit the store.
Speaking of quality issues, I've been considering purchasing a Mylockme satchel as my first LV. Has anyone come across quality issues (hardware tarnishing/ scratching on the turnlock/ chains) ?

Here's a picture for reference.
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I bought that bag for myself while in Paris in 2019. I mind my bags reasonably well but I definitely don't baby them and it has been holding up really well! Better than I had expected to be honest. I don't notice any tarnishing on the lock maybe just a few scratches but I would expect that.
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I just purchased my first LV in store (Alma BB in black empreinte) and the bag was ordered for me to pick-up. When I brought it home I noticed that the lock was already scratched! I didn't notice it in the store because the lights were so bright. But now I'm wondering if I received a bag that was used and returned by someone else and is maybe defected some way. I'm going to message the sales associate tomorrow to see if the lock can be replaced. Has anyone had this problem? What other things should I look for to see if there are any quality issues with the bag?
Hi all, i have experienced lessen quality of my items aswell.
I got my world tour neverfull and this is the way the stitching is at the top. It nearly hits the canvas, an SA told me this was normal as it is handmade, should I go to another SA or manager or am I being to picky? The problem with this bag is that it is personalized so it can't be exchanged easily...
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With my reverse PM the hardware is changing color after having it for 3 weeks, it only happened on one of the hooks and the SA called it normal wear and tear. I heard of others having the same problem and getting their strap replaced. My reverse metis also has really fine scratches on the top flap (it looks like a sharp knife cut into it) which will according to the SA eventually expand or peel and then cause the bag to show a true defect. And only when this happens I can come to get a replacement. Until then I just have to wait until it gets more visible which annoys me as I want to keep al my bags in the best condition possible.

My second PM in marine rouge has been in repairs for 7 weeks (I got it at the end of june and after two weeks I sent it in for repairs) because of different colors of the red glazing... My SA told me it should have been shipped three weeks ago and for now the status still shows that my bag is in the repairs facility in France.
I’ve heard so many stories like these! I like the canvas material so i don’t have to worry about a little snow or water damaging my bag. I just received my 1st Goyard & think it’s beautiful. They’re inconvenient to purchase (only a few retail stores, and no prices online) but you don’t see them around every corner & not as many complaints on TPF.
I’ve heard so many stories like these! I like the canvas material so i don’t have to worry about a little snow or water damaging my bag. I just received my 1st Goyard & think it’s beautiful. They’re inconvenient to purchase (only a few retail stores, and no prices online) but you don’t see them around every corner & not as many complaints on TPF.
There are massive complaints for the St. Louis tote. Also, Goyard doesn’t sell 1/10 of what LV sells. Not a fair comparison.