1. I could not find any thread in this regard ,but I have heard of the deteriorating quality of LV bags .I would like to know what issue you have/had ,which bag ,and where it's made .Maybe we can be aware of when we get that particular bag .Also how long after using the fault was noticed .
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  2. The usual culprit, PM but reverse. Glazing was chipping off where the strap ring hits it. Canvas splitting from a stitch on the flap joint. All after 2 months of use. Some Iffy stitching and glazing splotches on the canvas too. It was Made in France. I think that bag was made on Friday and the quality controller was off sick :smile: . LV did sort it out in the end, so I was a happy bunny. It's not put me off.
  3. Ugh! Just bought the reverse:sad:
  4. I had a DE NF (MIF) that had chronically excessive cracking on the straps and, after 3 repairs within a single year, LV deemed the bag defective and exchanged it for another which never gave me an ounce of trouble. For SLGs, my Josephine (MIF) had severe cracking along at its four flex points after about 5 months of inconsistent use and LV gave me credit towards a different wallet. I also had a DA cles (MIU) who's canvas, within a month, was becoming progressively more warped to the point where the zipper was getting stuck (it came out of the drawer bent, but I thought that it would relax with a little use...nope), again LV was good about this and exchanged. Despite all of this I'm not turned off the brand since out of all the items that LV makes in a year the actual percentage of genuine defects is very low; it just seems larger than what it is because this forum is a concentration of purse enthusiasts.
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  5. I have faith yours will be fine. I was told they have made some changes of the materials they use on this bag after Feb 2017. Mine was before that date. I'm a top handle girl. I think the PM isn't really designed for that way of use for a prolonged time plus my bag has one or two heavy items (but never overstuffed) hence probably what might have caused premature canvas split on the flap as this area is where the most stress is if carrying by the handles. Which was why I exchanged for another bag that was more suitable for top handle carry. It is a beautiful looking bag. Enjoy yours don't let me put you off it. I believe it was the wrong bag for me and my needs more than anything.
  6. There are about 25 million threads discussing various issues, wear and tear, etc... a good place to ask about specific concerns is each "club". A wealth of info there.
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  7. I have the om mono PM and no issues with it yet....I do sometimes carry it by the handle but don't have anything very heavy but I won't carry by the handle for a long time now that you mention the issue...what bag did you exchange it for?
  8. Hi I was just gonna tell ya about this post. As long as they fix it if it happens . I still cant wait to see yours tomorrow. ☺
  9. Thanks! :smile: I'm hoping LV will address if I have any issues..
  10. I would hope they're aware of the issues as it seems like there have been quite a few. I really hope LV fixed the problems on the newly made ones..
  11. I have had issues with my monogram Emilie wallet (MIS), favorite mm in azur (MIUSA), and my mon monogram neverfull mm (MIF).
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  12. I exchanged it for the one handle flap bag as it was best alternative similar looking flap bag I could find, but because the handle has proper hardware to support the weight rather than the just stitching on the PM handles. It serves my needs better since my bag gets pretty heavy. Plus the supporting hardware on the side above the flap stops the strap ring rubbing against it. Meaning both the issues I had on my PM would be gone.
  13. Is it limited to the reverse or are the mono's having issues as well?
  14. You will love love love that bag, I have it and love carrying it!
  15. Yay!! Bag twins :P. I love my one handle bag to bits. And theres me thinking anyone with the one handle would not get a PM because they kind of look a bit similar in that they both satchel flap design :biggrin:. PM does hold more stuff though.