Let the fairy tale begins...my upgrade came early!

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  1. WOW that is some serious rock!!
  2. nice
  3. surgergirljen- hands off..Harry is mine:bagslap:
    and I just had to come back to oogle this ring one more time!
  4. Beautiful! Congrats!
  5. CMM, I'm loving your avatar! You must be getting excited about the big day?!
  6. so so beautiful!
  7. OMG I had just taken a sip of coffee and d*mn near choked on it when I saw the pic....for love of GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words.....just to say I would never leave home then so I could wear it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Ohhhh, well that makes sense then. :smile: How torturous to have to wait 4 more years!
  9. :faint: OH MY GAWD! That is FANTASTIC!!!!!
  10. holy sh*t!!!!!!!!! both are sooo amazing, i thought the first one was your upgrade *faints* congrats im so jealous!!! ;)
  11. I thought the first picture was your upgrade, and then I scrolled down! Goodness it's HUGGEE and SPARKLY! Wear it in good health - hope your hubby won't make you wait the whole 4 years!
  12. holy jesus! :faint:
  13. You could go ice skating on that thing! Congrats on the upgrade!
  14. Congrats on your fabulous upgrade, I actually love both the original e-ring and the new one. Wishing you and DH many more happy years of marriage!
  15. SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :ps:

    congratulations!!! it's a gorgeous setting too. thank you SO MUCH for sharing your amazing ring with us!!!
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