Let the fairy tale begins...my upgrade came early!

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  1. Wow that IS fairytale! I think just looking at it turned me into a pumpkin... or a swan... I don't remember how it goes. Absolutely gorgeous! If it was mine I'd never remove it from my finger!
  2. Holy Moly!!! That ring is INSANE!!! :ps:
  3. That is definitely a headturner.
  4. Holy crap.

    I just want to make out with that thing.
  5. OMG!!!! :drool:

  6. Absolutely gorgous!!! Wear in good health!
  7. *faints* I seiruosly thought the pics of your original were your upgrade. OMG!
  8. Wow...I..am...speechless!

    You original e ring is a dream ring... your upgrade is beyond words! One of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen! Wear it in good health and best wishes for many many more happy years to come.
  9. excuse my language but HOOOOLLYY SH***t! That's what came out of my mouth at first sight of that GORGEOUS ring! Congrats on the ring and congrats on your fairy tale romance...it's rare :smile:
  10. :hbeat::drool: all I can say Is WOW...THATS ALL I'M SPEECHLESS!
  11. :lol::lol::lol:
  12. Gorgeous!!! I hope you get to wear it soon

  13. :lolots::lolots::lolots:
  14. Your upgrade is beautiful, congrats and wear it in good health!
  15. Speechless>>> wow>>>
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