Let the fairy tale begins...my upgrade came early!

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  1. My initial reaction is unprintable on this forum so I'll clean it up a bit ... WOWZA!!!! Congratulations to you! That is one gorgeous ring!!
  2. Congrats...that's quite a stunner! I hope you convince your hubby to let you wear it more often!
  3. Wow... Its Gorgeous!

    Your original ring was more gorgeous then I could ever imagine...
    Then Bam! The upgrade!!

    Wear it in good health
  4. Ohmygod! I too thought the first pic was your upgrade! That is huge!!!!
  5. holy moly thats quite the rock
  6. Good Lord that's huge! Congratulations on getting a ring that you adore. :smile:

    That being said, it seems a shame to have a ring you aren't allowed to wear. What's the point? :cry:
  7. Maybe I am crazy but I like the first diamond better - it seems more sparkly to me, lighter. The cut of the larger stone seems ... different, not so light.
    Maybe it was just the light when you took the photos of the upgrade.
  8. Is this a Tiffany Novo? It's so beautiful!
  9. Wow! Congratulations! It's beautiful!!:love:
  10. THANKS EVERYONE! well it's supposed to be my 10 year anniversary upgrade and it's only been 6 years for us so that's why I am not wearing it yet ;)

    It's a Tiffany Novo inspired ring-that's no way we could afford a Tiffany one second time around :biggrin: hubby hates anything that comes in a blue box!
  11. That's beautiful.

    You have a ring that most women fantasize about and very few have the lifestyle to pull off.

    Wear in good health. :smile:
  12. You are blessed -- wonderful husband and marriage. Congratulations.
  13. I know right? Can I have your "old" ring?!!! I can't IMAGINE trading THAT gorgeousness up!!!

    HAHA! I'm enjoying the reactions here...

    Best one yet!!! :lol::lol::lol:

    It's so incredible but seriously - LOL - if I wore that NO ONE I know would ever think it was real! (unless I suddenly married Prince Hot Harry on a Horse)!

    Enjoy - you have TWO incredible rings!!!!
  14. holy crap that is one MASSIVE ring... :faint: congrats catabie. i know if i was wearing that ring i'd never be able to concentrate on anything else!!!
  15. This is me when I saw your rings: