Let the fairy tale begins...my upgrade came early!

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  1. Hubby and I met for the very first time 17 years ago. Fast forward another 8 years when we reunited, fell in love and got engaged soon after.

    My original wedding band set:

    Cartier diamond band
    Lucida solitare (2.47, G, VVS2)
    Lucida all around diamond band

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  2. Well since diamond price has been going up crazily, hubby decided to get my upgrade earlier, but I am not allowed to wear it out. So my eye candy stays in the safe in the bank most of the time...
  3. oh.....lets see!
  4. So let me present my upgrade:

    5.36 ct
    Cushion cut with pave diamond band

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  5. ................faints.................
  6. Holy crap....your original ring was already gorgeous!!!! They are both beautiful!
  7. Your upgrade is HUGE and so pretty, congrats.
  8. wow!!
  9. :faint:
  10. :nuts::love::tup::faint:
    That is the most gorgeous thing ever!!! Congrats on the beautiful eye candy!!!!
  11. ***FAINT***

    ::standing ovation:: beautiful!

    Seriously, I was so distracted by the first pictures I was going to congratz on THAT upgrade but then I see the real upgrade.... took my breathe away.

    Now to wipe the drool from my keyboard!
  12. OMG!!! That is amazing! But really? You're not allowed to wear it? When will you get to take it out... seems so sad to keep it locked up :sad:
  13. WOW! That is amazing!!
  14. Holyyyyyy coww!!!! I did NOT expect what I saw once I scrolled down to the upgrade. Like I literally gasped I was so shocked by the sheer size of your beautiful ring!!

    Amazing!!! Congrats and I hope you find many occasions to wear your new ring and show it off a bit!!! :yes:
  15. Beautiful!