Let the fairy tale begins...my upgrade came early!

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  1. I love the steely, cool color of your upgrade, catabie! Lovely. And what a bummer to have to wait another 4 years to take it out for a spin, but certainly worth waiting for.

    I say you now work on getting dear hubby to pick up your 15yr and 20yr upgrades! :graucho:
  2. I think I see what you mean. The upgrade rock has black dispersion patterns in the stone that the Lucida does not. So as a result in comparison pictures the Lucida shows up whiter.

    The Lucida also sits lower (has a lower profile) than the upgrade.

    They are both beautiful. I think for day to day wear the Lucida looks better too.
  3. I know you said that you can't really wear it yet but, in regards to your comment above, does that mean you have to wait until the 10th anniversary to wear it all the time?

    It's lovely but it seems silly to spend so much on a diamond to have it sit in a safe.

  4. I dont know how to capture a better pic of the upgrade but in real life it's actually quite sparkly, not as much as a round diamond would of but I love it nonetheless.:smile:

    I didnt like the high profile either but the jeweler insisted on making it more "secure" with the prones being thicker. I was actually consider having it reset soon.

  5. haha, i have wore it out multiple times, hubby knew and it's ok with it. I can't imagine buying this rock 4 years from now on because we would probably have to pay way more than what we did considering the price of diamond has been going up very quickly. I talked to many diamond experts and they all agreed that I got a killer deal on this baby:graucho:
  6. That's nice
  7. Holy S**T!!!! :woot: I would be afraid of what **ahem** tricks would be expected of me to be worthy of this sucker!!! It's the size of a headlight!!! Lucky you...and him I suppose!! :lol:
  8. :giggles::giggles: Oh no you didn't!!!


    I would be scared to leave the house in that though! Laughing at myself now b/c when I got my original .8 e-ring I used to feel like I'd get mugged on my dog walk... guess I didn't have to worry! ha ha...
  9. I have to ask - and I hope this doesn't sound judgemental because it's just honest curiosity - but is it common in your group of friends to have a ring this size?

    I know diamonds are a girl's best friend... and truly it is GORGEOUS! But this is like something ROYALTY would wear. In my circle I wouldn't be comfortable wearing that... people would think I was either rocking a fake ring... or incredibly spoiled! In fact I think they'd think that if I had your ORIGINAL ring to be honest!!! :P I'm just amazed anyone has THAT kind of money that's not royalty... or Oprah. :lol:
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    I wish I were either royalty or celebrity but unfortunately I am not. Just a girl who's extremely blessed with good parents and good husband. The ring to us is more like an investment and family legacy that we can pass along to our kids. Some people like to invest in houses and I guess some like us like to invest in diamonds :smile: My mom has a yellow diamond which is 6.18 carat. I mean that baby surely is a wower!
    I guess among my circle of friends most people have 2.5-3.5 cts as their engagement rings. And since I live in an affluent area, there are plenty people with bigger diamond than I do. But I don't wear it everyday. I wear the ring only to special events and occasions.
  11. I love the cut and the sparkle! Congrats!! :smile: came back a couple more times to drool. I admire your restraint to not wear it all the time!

    ^surfergirljen I think everything is on a relative basis. Relative to my 20 something friends who live in the burbs (around Maryland burb area) 2ct would be big. Relative to all my friends here in NYC 2ct is the norm and none are celebs. 5ct in my 20 something circle would be considered big but I've seen some... But I can appreciate diamonds in all sizes! :smile: I'm lucky to have seen a lot of gorgeous rings working in Finance so it definitely doesn't take royalty to enjoy some bling.
  12. I'm just amazed anyone has THAT kind of money that's not royalty... or Oprah. :lol:[/QUOTE]

  13. Okay one more question - CAN WE PLEASE SEE YOUR MOM'S YELLOW DIAMOND!!!?? :P WOW INDEED!!!

    I know, it's all relative... any ideas on how to get MY hubby to consider diamonds an investment? :biggrin:

  14. Ummm...I have an idea...do I have to spell it out for you?!?!??! :lolots:
  15. Purse-Oooooh you're terrible!!!!!! :wtf::lolots:LOL!!!!!

    Scary thing is it would probably almost work - HAHA! :lolots::lolots: