Let the fairy tale begins...my upgrade came early!

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  1. I have no doubts!! LOL!!! Just show up naked and bring LOTS of beer!!!! :lol:
  2. Lol you guys crack me up!

    Maybe I am wrong but I would never consider a diamond an investment ??? It's not like one would MAKE money upon selling .
  3. ^ sorry to be off topic but this was told to me by a jeweler and many curators from auctions

    diamond/precious stones as investment is not a new idea. for many generations wealthy families passed down stones and a lot of them end up in Christies or Southeby's jewelry sale. A large amount of stones from these auctions are not necessarily from a failed marriage or bankruptcy, but rather family jewels being capitalized. It's a great way to work around the inheritance tax etc. and a simple / easy way to pass down wealth in the family.

    Same idea with gold or watch, but not as subjective as Art as an investment.
  4. True Laurayuki... and I definitely buy jewels a bit more freely knowing I have two girls to pass them down to as heirlooms! ... I just never think of them as "investments". They can't spend them, can't live in them... they are really just very pretty things. I mean I guess they could sell them but then that kind of negates the "family heirloom" aspect doesn't it? I'd feel awful if I was desperate enough to have to sell my grandmother's ring, kwim? "family jewels being capitalized" sounds ... like it negates the beauty of having something passed down through the family. JMHO. I'm the kind of person who would treasure almost any jewel passed down as opposed to "cash in" on it because I love the idea that someone in my family wore and loved it... even if it wasn't my style... but I know a lot of girls here would say "melt baby melt!" :smile:

    *** I hope OP doesn't think this is taking away from her gorgeous new ring! To each his own and you definitely have an admiring crowd here!!! :smile: It's gorgeous. Honestly I would rather have a piece of property to pass down like a cottage or something (quite sure you could buy a small one for the price of this stunner!) IF that's how you're thinking of it, as an investment property, but TOTALLY respect other people's lifestyle choices! And if you're lucky enough to have BOTH - I want to be you! LOL!
  5. OP ~ Both of your rings are stunning! Wear them both in good health!

    Also, I just want to say. I don't think OP having a nice sized diamond ring is any different than other members having several LOVE bracelets, numerous Rolex's or other expensive jewelry. I don't understand all the questions she's getting regarding it and the remarks about royalty and it's cost.

    ** I am not referring to anyone's post in particular. Also, I am not trying to step on anyone's toes. I am just stating my opinions. :smile:
  6. I guess investment being it's a family jewel that's going to be passing down to our next generation. We are not there to make a profit but I have a feeling diamond prices might go up eventually. I know my stone has gone up at least 20% from when we got it, not that I am going to sell it or anything ;)
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    I believe property is the best thing to invest too! But that's what my parents like to do with their money. :lol: I would love to take a pic of my mom's yellow diamond but she lives away from me and the picture she took with her iphone was awful! I need to get my mom a photography lesson:biggrin:
  8. ^you can definitely make money selling gemstones...it depends on what you originally paid & how long you've had them. for example, jewelry that I have from my grandmother & great grandmother would sell for much much more than they paid for it...even with prices adjusted for inflation.

    ^I have always been one to invest in property too, but in this economy & real estate crash, gold is holding its value much more than my property is.
  9. :smile: :smile: I know my parents suck at picture taking too!! If you ever do get one please post it, I would LOVE to see it! Is it a ring or pendant? I can't even imagine how gorgeous it must be!

    Wear it in good health (both rings!) - they are amazing!!!
  10. I think it's time you start a new tPF tradition and hand down one of your beautiful rings to a fellow PF'r. I don't have any ring in particular in mind, however, my birthday IS in August which makes my birthstone Peridot. Got anything like that?!?!?!?!?! :graucho:
  11. Clever idea! Sort of similar to the RAOK, only BETTER!!!! Think a "request jewels" thread would fly?!
  12. you are HYSTERICAL!!!:roflmfao: if I could part with that ring, you'd be the first to have it! :hugs:

    ^I've become obsessed with your ring. I just can't stop dreaming about it.:tender: it's the most amazing most beautiful thing. I wouldn't change 1 single thing about it...it's perfection!!!
  13. OK so when are you allowed to wear this mammoth ring?!?! It is absolutely blindingly, stunning!
  14. wow! may i ask what your ring size is? i'm just curious because celebrities have over 10 carat rings and so if i saw yours i would think that's 10 carat too (then again i'm not an expert with diamonds :P)
  15. I wear it sometimes, but very very rarely.

    My ring size is 4.5 so the rock actually looks much bigger on my tiny finger than it really is.

    Thanks again everyone for the sweet compliments! I will treasure it for many years to come!
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