Layering and Stacking Thread!

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  1. Thank you. I’ve had my Hapi bracelet for years and it’s holding up quite nicely. I don’t wear it everyday and store it in the original box. I tend to keep things up pretty well.
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  2. great and you must do it that way... please learn from my mistake. lol
  3. I fell off the stacking wagon for wrists and fingers a while back and am trying to remember to jump back on now and again.

    Yesterday's stacks- on the wrist are Hermes Jumbo and Hermes Behapi with an antique Victorian wedding bangle and on the hand are my David Klass roses and arrows wedding band with Tiffany Hardwear ball ring and 5 stone anniversary band.

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  4. stack.jpg
  5. I love this thread but stacking is impossible for me, everything just bunches up into one heavy blob of metal which doesn't look very elegant sadly :doh: anyone else find it difficult to stack chain/link bracelets?
  6. Unless I’m stacking big chunky link bracelets, I usually don’t have much luck stacking chain/link bracelets. Bangles are my favorite to stack!
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  7. I agree, I love the look of bangles stacked a lot more! But I find them so uncomfortable. I have a mixture of fine chain bracelets and chunky link, I find that the fine chains will get tangled up really badly with the chunky link ones and it looks odd :sad:
  8. Today’s stack [​IMG]
  9. I am loving your stack ! You are doing the 'Stacking Community' proud !!!
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  10. Pretty! DO the chain bracelets get caught up at all with the tennis bracelet for do they manage to stay separate?
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  11. Late afternoon sunshine and today's stack:

    (e-ring and stacking bands, H KDT, and Uno de 50) afternoonstack.jpg
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  13. Nice... loving the Hermes Snake Kelly bracelet
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  14. Thanks! The lizard one was a present last year from the hubster. :smile:
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  15. He has great style and good taste... and lucky to pick a wonderful Wife such as yourself.
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