Layering and Stacking Thread!

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  1. Bracelet and ring stacks
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  2. My current stack. Tiffany atlas bar and pierced bracelets and Levian diamonds by the yard.
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  3. Top: David Yurman (Sterling silver and diamond)
    Bottom: Wrapped (10K YG and diamond)
  4. Playing around with DH new Rolex watch trying to determine if I could wear it. Hermes CDC, Givenchy Shark ID & DH watch.
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  5. BF7A9299-7DDD-4DC9-B155-67FDC19951E0.jpeg My little wedding ring stack.

    Tiffany wedding band
    Diamond Annv band
  6. Well enough said
  7. I love the trend of stacking rings, but I don’t like how squished my finger feels! Any tips or tricks on how to wear ring stacks and not have your finger feel constricted?
  8. A very dainty stack
  9. The rings that I stack with are all a little big on their own but look and feel great when worn together
  10. Just added the white gold black ceramic love cord to my stack today ️ loving it !! IMG_3133.jpg
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  11. My everyday Yurman
  12. Current favorite stack IMG_4782.jpg
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  13. I like the idea of building a ring stack but not sure whether this is too much? Maybe I should wear the Love separately and just stack eternity bands?
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  14. I think it looks great!
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  15. Thank you! :smile: Did you decide what ring to get in the end?