Layering and Stacking Thread!

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  1. So now that I have accrued quite a number of lovely jewelry items, I have tried layering my necklaces and stacking rings and bracelets.
    It has not been working out so well!
    I go nuts when it comes to layering my necklaces... They ALWAYS tangle. However, I have noticed that if the chains are of different thickness, or completely different lengths, there sems to be less chance of them tangling.
    I can stack rings okay, but not so good with the bracelets...
    The other day, I had on a slim black titanium and rubber Tiffany bracelet, my sterling silver Trollbeads bracelet (with only two charms on it) and my RTT round tag bracelet on, and my SO did not think it looked good at all.
    And then I am always wearing my wg Love bracelet on my left wrist, and I am not sure what to layer with that!
    But, I think it would be fun to have a thread of pics of us wearing our best layering/stacking combos. Might give others some ideas, or help wierdos like me that just jumble stuff together!
    I will take a few pics and then post some later! :smile:
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    I really only stack bracelets, I do not like when my necklaces tangle around each other and for rings I prefer one large statement ring then a bunch of layered rings. It looks great on other people and I always want to try stacking other items of jewellery but I never feel comfortable :girlsigh: I also like stacking thin bracelets, thick bangles and stuff just feel uncomfortable :biggrin:

    here's my stack today, I just had the trinity bracelet silk cord changed from black to a violet-blueish colour
    cartier blue.jpg

    one I was wearing last week- I'm not very adventurous with my jewellery and tend to wear variations of the same jewellery (VCA, + a few other bracelets)
    cartier silk.jpg
  3. Yay I always love your stacks! Love the new cord!

    I like these two bracelets together because they are the same width. That's the only one I'm comfortable wearing with my Love, I'm scared I'll scratch it!

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  4. I actually wear this on my right wrist

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  5. I used to wear lots of Tiffany, Pandora, links of London bracelets together but since I got my love bracelet I can't stand any jangling of the bracelets IYKWIM, I also can't stand the thought of wearing any bracelets with my watch for fear of it getting scratched & I've tried wearing necklaces together but the tangling drives me crazy so I keep it simple & there's a saying that less is more & I totally agree although I love the stacking on other people but now I'm 40 my jewellery tast has changed.
  6. Here are my everday stacks for, play all the time.
    I also added a necklace combo. 9ct TN and 1ct DBTY...can be worn seperately or together, same theme. Kinda boring, but.........

    Love everyone's is an art to make stacks work!

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  7. it's great for stacking does it cushion your love bracelet at all? if I wear two gold bracelets I like throwing this silk cord one on because it makes it look less fancy and a bit more casual:smile:
  8. I was having trouble with Photobucket last night, got frustrated! I will hopefully have pics up when I get home from work. :smile:
  9. they look great! I love the tennis bracelet you have, is it baguettes and princess cut?

    every time I see those bangles I crave them!!:biggrin:
  10. You know you're right, stacking takes more skill than you'd think lol. All your stacks are just are dripping in diamonds! Gorgeous!

    Thanks! Yep, it's baguettes and princess. It's kind of old, but I still love it. It was a doozy of a surprise from dh, just the most luxurious thing I owned at the time. I adore baguettes, they seem not as popular right now, which I totally don't get! A few years ago it had stretched to the point of breaking, when I took it in for repair they were amazed I hadn't lost it, it ended up being a crazy expensive repair, almost as much as the original purchase price, but I just had to have it fixed. It took months to do, I know the jeweler regretted accepting the job. Lesson learned, don't leave your bracelets on for 7 years straight lol!
  11. wow you're so lucky you didn't lose it! I like baguettes but they have to be perfectly fit and shaped. so many stores have ruined the look of baguettes because of bad quality diamonds and cluster rings made of them- I think 80's cluster rings have given baguettes a bad reputation!!
  12. You're so right about the baguettes! I also had 3 replaced during the big repair and they're not even perfect rectangles, they kind of taper at the end and one has a gap between it and the next one! I just thought I had never noticed it before but now that you say it I realize they are the replacements. Bench jewelers revenge I guess.:roflmfao: He would physically cringe when I would walk into the shop hehe....
  13. haha he ducks into the back to avoid any more repair work from you :biggrin:
  14. Here are some old stacks that I've posted before:


  15. nice bracelets Lanier! :biggrin: