Layering and Stacking Thread!

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  1. Love your evil eye bracelet! Would you mind telling me where you got it?
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  2. How kind of you to remember! I went to Selfridges in London & had a great time trying lots of things on. Unfortunately I fell in love with a super expensive bangle so I now need to save up for that instead!
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  3. It is from the website jewlr! You can pick your metal and stone combination. Mine is 14k gold, with peridot and diamonds
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  4. Thank you I am going to check it out
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  5. First post on this thread: silver screwball bracelet from Cape Cod, Cartier trinity and Love. Need something on my left hand to buffer my Apple Watch from any bangles. Any suggestions?
  6. 2018-11-28 Hermès Collier De Chien WB2.jpg Balenciaga giant studded cuff, palladium plated, combined with my Hermès sterling silver CDC. I feel appropriately armored now:graucho:.
  7. Can I ask - did you start adding to your stack once all other jewellery bases were covered? Ie you had all the earrings, necklaces etc that you needed.
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  8. Fierce!
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  9. Today's ring stack

  10. Thank you! The middle ring is a green diamond platinum eternity ring - it's my pride & joy!
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  11. Looking for high profile stacking rings. So far, I have found this one. Does anyone know of any other companies that make rings like this? It could be any style, I am just looking for high profile rings
  12. I usually don’t stack jewelry (except my wedding ring), but I love the look of this cuff stacked with a smaller gold bracelet.
    DD20AECE-C675-4AFF-924F-B204FA8582A5.jpeg 642B5B71-FFD5-4FF5-8CA7-64BF99B103C3.jpeg
  13. Tiffany T-bar, round tag, beaded heart tag & Hermes Hapi on right
    Cartier Love, Tiffany cuff and Apple Watch 4 on left
    Pic.jpg 2.jpg
  14. Nice stack ! I miss my Hermes Hapi wrap bracelet... I have it in the signature orange leather and gold 'H'... it got too used, and doesn't look good anymore...Had to invest in the large Hermes Clik-Clak in orange enamel and gold 'H'. Enjoy yours while you can.