Kate Spade....any fans out there?

  1. Sure, people like her. Did you search? People talk about her :yes:
  2. I love her shoes!!
  3. I'm carrying the La Casita Ginnifer in african violet right now. I really like it.

  4. My mother was an Original Kate Spade fanatic...down to having the matching shoes with the matching bags...I grew up with Kate Spade around the house...and without her I would have had no plates to eat off of on thanksgiving or Christmas. lol...Love her to death.
  5. I love the shoes too.....

    I bought this pair last week and love them!!!
  6. i've never seen the book of the month clutch IRL but i think they're cute too! you can always try eBay or bonanzle. and as for the wallets, i've got the polka dot lining too, i think it's so cute! i'm glad you like KS too :p

    i really love the clutches, like the bright purples etc. there's one on sale at bloomies now!

    that's a really pretty color, is it like that IRL? that deep of a purple?

    the shoes are gorgeous! are they comfy??

    i'm glad i found more KS lovers! i did do a search, but i couldn't find an actual thread. now i know that even though i only have a couple things, there are other tPF members too! :yahoo:
    this is my serena: [​IMG]
  7. Can you post pictures of your Stevie?? That is the exact one I am considering!!!
  8. I don't own a KS but I always liked her designs
  9. I don't own one currently, but never say never! I like her designs.
  10. I love Kate Spade - had an Opus in that gorgeous cobalt blue for awhile, then gave it to my sister. Now, I'm lusting after her quilted bags (and the same satchel design I used to have).

    Her clothes and shoes are even more adorable, IMO.
  11. Okay...wait until one of my daughters gets home to help me. I'm...how can I say this...clueless!
  12. I saw this on sale at Bloomingdale's, and loved it in person. I don't know, for some reason I thought it was nylon just from looking at the picture, so I was surprised it was leather. I loved the way it felt. I contemplated buying it, but decided to be more congnizant of our budget instead.
  13. _6122552[1].jpg
  14. I used to love Kate Spade when I was first getting into designer bags. I don't really like the bags anymore, but I do like alot of her shoes!!
  15. linhhhuynh, its cute!! I like it!!