Kate Spade....any fans out there?

  1. I've bought 3 KS bags since June and I love them! I love the styles, they are more simple and classic and that is what appeals to me. They are so comfortable and light to wear too. Also, affordable enough to buy several and not feel too badly about it!
  2. Just bought the same gold coast maryanne in classic black with 15% off coupon and free shipping from the kate spade website, and am excited about seeing it in person now that i have heard so much good stuff from you all. i wanted a classy but not too showy bag reminiscent of high quality chanel. i think i would wear this to work more than my real chanel PST thx for the posts! enjoy!
  3. i like the kate spade stuff very much but i havent found any shop yet where they ship to europe,does someone know a place?
  4. Over the last six months or so, I've purchased a few Kate Spades from the store website and a couple from eBay; however, there are no Kate Spade stores or outlets near me, so I've never been to one to see what they have to offer...compared to the website. I have noticed, however, that the website by no means offers the stock variety that I've seen in the department stores...I don't know if that is usual or not. I really like the nylon bags in different colors; however, I've heard her nylons are being phased out, and I only rarely see a black Sam or Messenger offered on the website; however, there seem to be a lot of Erins and Pias (new!) on eBay, as well as red Sams (I'd love one of those...), Claires, etc. Sadly, KS customer service is of no help regarding why this is. So, I'm wondering if KS only sells these nylons in the stores or outlets? If anyone who has visited a store or particularly a KS outlet could share what you've seen lately in the way of nylon bag stock (name of bag and colors), I'd really appreciate it. I may be visiting the Charlotte, NC store in the future, so would be interested in knowing what that location has to offer if anyone has ever been there. Thanks a bunch...I'm a newbie here!
  5. I haven't purchased a Kate Spade bag for myself in years but I am a fan. The Stevie design is delightful and I've purchased one in the brown nylon signature print and black leather for my mom. I also saw a really cute mouse gray version in patent leather that I came close to buying this Fall. The new jewelry is super cute.
  6. Just wondering... Do you ever receive any email from KS since you joined the mailing list? I've signed up multiple times..at least two months ago...and have yet to receive one notification about anything! I stumbled upon their recent "sample/private" sale online quite by accident, and I thought I'd be sent an email about it, but wasn't. And the messages aren't going to my junk mail either... Just wondering if you might have experienced this problem. Thanks!
  7. I love Kate Spade everything, I've started a collection...not too huge but I have a few items. I love them all.

    and now I have to go and take a picture just for fun.


    Booties, "splish splash" flip flops, amelia sandals, wallet, wristlet and my two bags. Oh and I have a piece of jewelry I forgot to include. :smile:
  8. The outlet north of Seattle always has had a number of nylon bags the last 2 or 3 times I've been in, it is the only one I've been to, so I can't really compare it to anywhere else, but I've seen them every time I go in.
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    One of my best friends is a total Kate Spade girl. It's not my style personally, but the bags she carries always look great on her!

    I do love Kate Spade shoes.
  10. Everything is SO classic and very reasonably priced! This is my current (and favorite) tote.

  11. famemonster246

    adorable bag, I love it!
  12. Hi Jennifer Elaine, are you talking about the Carlsbad line? I don't think they're made anymore, but I got a red Carlsbad Vanessa off a discount site last week and I love it!
  13. Had to search high and low but finally found the large KS baby bag. I think it was discontinued (never thought the basic black nylon would be) but I finally found someone selling a new one with tags.
  14. I LOVE KS!!! I probably have about 6-7 of her bags and several smaller accessories and shoes. I love her bags for classic or all american preppy looks. I especially love the great deals you can get at the outlet.

    I haven't bought one in about two years (since I am on a major purse ban), but I still have my first one that I got 10 years ago when I was in high school...the classic nylon box shape in black...and it's still in perfect condition.

    I love her jewlery too, but most of looks like stuff I can pull out of my grandma's jewelry box for free!!!
  15. I love KS! Online buying on the KS site is the only way to go. You get sale prices, coupons etc... KS stores usually do not offer the same sales and discounts that their online store offers.