Kate Spade....any fans out there?

  1. I am a Kate Spade fan & I don't not see much on this site about her bags. I guess she isn't that popular anymore?
  2. I agree. I've been searching for Kate Spade threads and haven't found too many. I'm a huge Kate Spade fan, although I have to admit I haven't yet purchased one!
  3. I had two (sold 1) and I love them! Sold one only b/c it was too small. Great, classic pieces and very well made. I just today, ordered a Kate Spade business card case from ideeli. They've got some good pieces on there for great prices!
  4. i love kate spade wallet. i have 3 & love them all. however, i don't have any bags from her. i think her stuff are very well made, great quality & good price. i like my kate spade wallet more than my prada toad skin wallet.
  5. Kate Spade doesn't seem like a big brand in America, but they're HUGE in Asia.
  6. Another big fan here! :heart:
  7. I loved Kate Spade's older boarskin bags. They were box shaped with adorable linings and the leather was glossy, not shiny, with a great texture from the boarskin. Those bags were indestructible!
  8. I have to :bump: this thread because I am a huge KS fan and there is very little love for her on the forum. I have four of her handbags and I used them constantly and get loads of compliments each time!

    I really prefer structured, solid color, leather bags and she has such a great selection of them. I was a Coach geek for a long time (bags, wallets, wristlets, sunglasses....) but I sold off everything execept for a couple bags and moved on to KS. I guess in other areas Coach is still respected, but where I live it has ceased to be a status symbol of any kind and I felt like what I had wasn't "special" anymore.

    I like to carry something that not a lot of people have, but at the same time I'm not really impressed with most of the premium designer bags. I think KS makes great "in-between" bags - not super expensive but still quality investment pieces. ;)
  9. I don't know, I feel the design was kind of commerse. Too simple design for my taste.
  10. I used to be a huge Kate Spade addict, but not so much anymore. I sold almost all the bags I had, but I still have a clutch and a shoulder bag that I love. I do want the drawstring opus in anthracite though!
  11. I just bought a Kate Spade bag that I'm on the fence about: the Gold Coast Maryanne, in black. I got it with a 25 percent off coupon, so I felt it was a decent price, but you can definitely see where the bag is "inspired" by the Chanel large shopper tote. I'm not sure whether I should keep the bag as my go-to work tote, or return it and put the money toward a more expensive piece, like a Chanel or Bottega Veneta.
  12. I loved Kate Spade when she did the bags...now that she no longer does anything for the company I'm not so much into it. The lady designing it has never even met Kate or Andy. I just think the fun went out of the bags...
  13. I just had to reply to this bc I'm looking for info on the croc line from Kate Spade. I love those bags. I started a thread trying to get info about them, but no one has responded.
  14. I love Kate Spade bags!
  15. I adore KS. Specially her accessories: bracelets,shoes,agendas,etc.