Kate Spade....any fans out there?

  1. I too bought this bag from bloomies with friends and family. I love it!!! Great price and I got it for exactly the reasons you said. Great everyday bag, I've gotten comliments everyday I've carried it!
  2. i didnt realize that she wasnt designing them anymore. thats kinda disappointing
  3. I love Kate Spade smaller accessories, and still have one of her bags (used to have several). I have a hard time actually buying her items anymore because I've received the most horrible, offensive service in her stores. It also has a huge ex-sorority girl/former trophy wife/jr league divorcee cachet in this area, for some reason.

    As far as the bags alone go, they're well made, go with everything, and I quite like them!
  4. i love kate spade bags, though i've yet to buy one. i keep telling myself to wait until i have a real job/career, since they do seem to have a more professional look to them than other designers out there. someday!
  5. For those that like Kate-at the KS outlets they are doing 50% off any bags up to 10 of them on Friday, 11/27. Stores open at midnight and the 50% off runs until 8AM. After that it's 40% off the rest of the day. Happy hunting! ;)
  6. I like KS. I have 1 KS bag, 2 KS diaper bags and a couple accessories. I think they are a nice classic bag.
  7. My first handbag was an aqua boar skin Kate Spade in that classic boxy style. The leather, as aforementioned by another member, has a thick deep gloss to it rather than simply being 'shiny.' While this purse doesn't suit my current taste or style, I've never been able to part with it simply for the sentimental value (and I love clearing out the closets!). The bag is clean and classic, well-crafted, and very practical. (Maybe I'll have to revisit her after this post.)

    Before my iPhone, I was also an avid user of her full size day planners - lovely leather and I really appreciated the charmingly illustrated paper fills. (Again, while my planner has fallen into disuse, I just don't want to part with it.)
  8. I'm a newbie to Kate Spade, we just got out first KS store at the Prime Outlets and I went in during the midnight sale Thurs. night and I fell in love with the bags they are so amazing. I searched the site and joined the mailing list. I hope to own my very first KS by Christmas! :biggrin:
  9. I have a few of her bags. I really like them!
  10. I have three KS handbags - I started collecting the animal prints she made many years ago. The giraffe print, leopard print, etc...
    The style is timeless and the bags are too beautiful to give up.
  11. I still adore my kate spade bags however I have not purchased a KS bag in over a year.
  12. kate spade is just something i have never been able to get into, i've tried but they just are not for me.
  13. I absolutely love KS. I have several handbags, wallets, and several large travels totes. I never get tired of the designs, even though Kate is not the actual designer anymore. They are very reasonably priced which means I can get 2-3 KS's a year.
  14. I *love* Kate Spade! I have a purse and wallet from her and they match everything!
  15. I say keep the gold coast maryann. I too had been considering this bag. It reminds me of the chanel GST. I've been reading alot about how the GST (I think particularly the newer ones) are having problems with the sides caving in. If I'm going be spend thousands on a bag I expect it to last forever. So, it makes you wonder if the quality is there for the money spent. I saw the KS in Nordstrom and also on a girl in NYC last week and it looked really nice. Does the quality seem good?