Jerome Dreyfuss Lovers??

  1. They're side by side here in SoHo as well. Very cute

    That's a shame about your trip.

  2. True and Isabel Marant's bags are not very different from Jerôme's!
  3. I just got a Billy L in Sapin (green). I love it! The leather is amazing.

    Now I'm lusting after a python one, will have to stalk for sales. The marine and the black python are gorgeous.
  4. I have a Billy M in green which was my first JD and it has broken in so nicely. And a Franky in black python which is big and beautiful, could fit my life in there - and I do :p

    I agree I LOVE that Marine...I just don't "need" it. My boyfriend thinks I have a serious JD addiction, I probably do.

    The Outnet had a couple of python JD's a few weeks ago, don't know if they are still up or not.

  5. Yes, "need" might be a strong word, but I feel it too.

    I was in the Dreyfuss shop in Soho, they were so nice. But, I ended up ordering the bag from a store in Paris, and it was much less expensive.
  6. yes, it's pricey here :sad: I always wait for sales. A few more dept stores are starting to carry them and will sometimes put them on sale.

  7. Does anyone know when the fall line will hit the JD website?
  8. Should be soon, I got an email saying it's in the store. Guess they are trying to clear out the SS12.

    This was one of the better links I found for FW12 and there are some stores that have it

  9. Thanks. I've been checking websites obsessively for the new bags.
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    I just bought this leopard faux-fur/leather/Johan bag. Yippie!!! And what's funny is that I was in Barney's yesterday and saw the bag on a table. It was a Johan and I think it was the leopard one. I picked it up, put it on my shoulder, and then put it down as I was not in the market for a Jerome Dreyfuss bag at the moment.

    On The Outnet, it was $1,520, but I got it for $532.

    I just went on The Outnet, out of curiosity, to see what bags are now in and there was the bag. Jackpot!

    This is what it looks like in case it's no longer shown on The Outnet.
  11. I've been looking at that bag on the Outnet regularly and didn't pull the trigger.
    Congrats - I love it!
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    And the plan is to get these boots, style-Deform, by Cydwoq. They will look really hip with the bag. Cydwoq is right here in L.A. County and the shoes are made here.
  13. Nice combo.

    Can't wait to hear how it compares to your experience with the Billy!

  14. It should arrive around Friday. I'll test it out right away. But, for now I'm still using the new YSL Cabas Chyc satchel. But, I'll switch bags when the Johan arrives.
  15. Looks like it's up now. I really love the Ivory Alain Viper.