Is there going to be a PCE next month -- February?

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  1. I called my boutique today. They verified that the PCE is this coming week but they haven't gotten their list yet.
  2. ^^Thanks for the update! :smile:
  3. I'll be checking my PO Box twice a day this week. LOL
  4. What's "their list?"
  5. ^^^They get a list sent with the names of customers who are invited to the PCE.
  6. What if you don't get a card and someone gives theirs to you. Will Coach still take it? Do they look on their list and see that you "were not invited?"
  7. The card doesn't have your name on it. It comes in an envelope like an invitation, which it basically is. They will honor it if you get one from someone else. I believe they mainly look at the list in case you were invited but your card didn't arrive in time. How I wish I'd known I was on the list in December!
  8. That is the exact same thing hey told me on Friday when I called :yes:

    Yet, no call or card :shrugs:
  9. There for about a year and a half I got a card everytime they had one. Then, my name got messed up (SA misspelled it when typing in an order) and I didn't get a card the next time. So, this last year it's been sporatic, but I always seemed to get those stupid $50 for $150 cards. Is there a way to make sure you always get a card, or does your name just "come up."
  10. I haven't always gotten a call when I got a card. I think I was only called once in fact. Fingers crossed I get one!
  11. It seems to be the luck of the draw. I've gotten the $50 off cards before too but never the PCE until December. It doesn't seem to be consistent about how much you spend in order to get one either.
  12. Happy Birthday one day early! Do you have big plans for your bday?
  13. I have never gotten a call prior to getting a card that I remember.
  14. If anyone has one they aren't going to use I'd LOVE to have it. I'm going to the outlet the 6th or 7th.
  15. This is for FP, Right. The outlet never has PCE cards, do they?