Is there going to be a PCE next month -- February?

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  1. I have 'heard' it rumored on here, there is a PCE next week. Is that true? Does anyone know the exact dates? That would make sense for Valentine's Day...........and my birthday, February 3rd!!!!!!!

    Jan 27th, 2009, 09:58 PM #39

    Joined: Nov 2008Posts: 40


    customer shopping event feb6-16th
  2. It starts next Friday, February 6th and is supposedly for factory customers. If anyone gets one they're not using, I really need one. Thanks.
  3. Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would appreciate a PCE greatly! Happy Birthday to me!

    OK Bag Lady: where in OK are you from? What Factory Outlet do you go to?
  4. I'm in the Tulsa Metro. I haven't been to an outlet yet. I'm supposed to go to the Osage Beach one for the first time this weekend but I think I'm coming down with my DS's bug. His school said some ick is going around where you're fine then nauseated - and repeat.
  5. I went, for the first time, to the Allen one on Black Friday this past year. It was sooooooo much fun! I can definately see what all they talk is about now. I'm probably going to go again during Spring Break.
  6. What area are you in? How long did it take to get there? Are you a teacher, student, or taking the kids during Spring Break?
  7. Outside of Lawton, OK -- about 1 hour south of OKC. Took me about 3.5 hours. I work at a school. No, I'm NOT taking the kids. They're staying w/DH
  8. LOL I don't blame you. I just wondered since you mentioned Spring Break. That's when I'll probably go next too. I'm a teacher.
  9. Me tooo if anyone gets one their not using, please let me know! It's my moms birthday! Thanks :biggrin:
  10. Do you know the details of the PCE? How much is the discount?
  11. It's always 25% off
  12. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm on the list because I MUST get that silver metallic Sabrina!
  13. I called my nearest boutique today, to ask if I could get a price adjustment for PCE.

    Me: "I know PCE starts next week and I wanted to know if I could get a price adjustment on my spectator."

    SA: "Yes, just bring it in and we'll do that for you..."
    *Pause* *Realization*
    How did you know about PCE? We haven't gotten our list yet..."

    Me: :P :"Someone called me about it" :whistle:

    Note: What list? :thinking:
  14. LOL! That is awesome!!!! I hope I can get a card! There's soooo much I want! Do people ever trade them on here or sell them or something?
  15. If the next PCE is to begin Feb 6th, which is next Friday, should cards not start arriving soon? Has anyone received one?

    :yahoo::nuts: I am full of anticipation. Oh, I hope I get one.