Is there going to be a PCE next month -- February?

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  1. Hi, If anyone is not using there PCE card for this coming Feb 6 event I would be forever grateful if I may use yours. I am in need of a sabrina bag badly!
    Thank you so very much! :smile:
  2. I've never heard of the outlets doing PCE.
  3. Same here. I've heard of "outlet shoppers" getting PCE cards...trying to lure them to shop at FP.
  4. In this economy they should just give them to everyone!!!
  5. Well hopefully because of the economy more cards then usual will be sent out.
  6. ^^^Let's hope so!!!
  7. I went to the boutique tonight and heard it wasn't a PCE, it was something else...
  8. Any details???:confused1:
  9. No...I can't remember what she said. It was a CSE or something like that and that was all I could get since there were customers in the store and they don't wish to talk about sales with potential FP buyers nearby.
  10. It's a customer shopping event at the fp store
  11. Is it one of the worthless $50 on $150 deals? I hope not!
  12. ^^^That's probably what it is. It only works out well if you're buying accessories.
  13. OMG you made me choke when I read that! My asthma's bad tonight. :wtf:
  14. it is a 25% off postcard to use at fp
  15. The almighty/all-knowing Customer Service Event guru, WhoWho, has spoken! :tup:

    Hehe, thanks for the info!!!