Is there going to be a PCE next month -- February?

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  1. i got mine today. it is 25% off feb 6th thru the 16th.
  2. Lucky you! I hope there's one in my mailbox!
  3. Haven't checked my mail yet (I'm at work:amuse:).

    IF anyone doesn't want theirs, I would appreciate it:girlsigh:! Just PM me!

    Early birthday present to me....mine is tomorrow:yes:.
  4. I hope I get one......:girlsigh:
  5. Did you receive your card today?
  6. So lucky if you get one! I'd love to get my hands on one too. I'm trying to get my first purse, but I can only afford it if I can get my hands on 25% off.

    So if there's anyone else who may not be using theirs, I'll throw my name into the pile of one who would LOVE to take it off your hands and would be eternally grateful!! :yes: :heart:

    :tender: :cutesy:
  7. It is the 25% total purchase 2/6 thru 2/16...just got the envelope today!
  8. Yay I have to check the mail. I hope I get one!
  9. Got mine today also can't wait to get that madison wallet I have wanted for a while.
  10. I'm in PA and mine came today. Not sure if I'll use it tho!
  11. I hope so! I have a credit still and can use that towards my legacy perfume and a new wristlet. I just got 2 new bags so don't need one of those.
  12. I'm in PA too, I hope it's in the mail tonight! If not I'll be sad.
  13. YAY! I got one too!!
  14. If you don't use yours I would love to! I didn't get one in the mail!:cry:
  15. I think there's a Feb. PCE thread where people can share cards.