Ignorant Boyfriend

  1. Okay.. So my boyfriend is just really ignorant when it comes to my designer bags.. He constantly talks **** and insults us girls who spend our hard earned money on them. He is totally oblivious to the fact that these are TOP QUALITY.

    Do any of you girls have a boyfriend/husband that does something simular? How do you handle it?

    It really upsets and insults me.. I've told him before, but he wont take me seriously.. Makes me feel like total **** :sad:


    here's part of our convo..

    Me: ^^ tell me what you think ofthis bag
    Him: can we sell it and put a down payment on a house?
    Me: ::cocks head:: answer the questionnn!
    Him: it looks like some ****ing thing my grandma got in a agraage sale in teh 80s
    Him: lemme guess.. you wanna pend 1000K on it?
    Me: i'm getting a bag within the next week-- i will be spending over that ammount.. i just like quite a few different bags.. need to decide what i want
    Him: are there a lot more girls out tere like you wyho willspend hundres on a ****tybag liek that? because maybe I should start my one line

    Maybe i'm just being overly sensitive.. it just annoys me.. cause this isn't the first time..
  2. Fortunately my husband isnt like that, Id tell him where he could stick it if he was, but by other threads here I know there are quite a few guys like your BF. Total bummer!
  3. I am sorry that he is doing that. You don't deserve to feel badly about what you buy. I'm glad my husband doesn't hassle me about my bags. He realizes I get a great deal of pleasure from them.

    If he can't understand the concept of people being individuals in what they love-we are all different, and it's OK and a good thing; if he refuses to stop the insults, KNOWING it hurts you, think seriously about why you are with him. Maybe he thinks he's just being funny, but if he won't stop, then he's got a problem.

    Best wishes.
  4. oh, i'm so sorry to hear that...
    although sometimes my bf were shocked to hear the prices of those bags, he understand when he sees the quality and the design.
    we're working in creative field, so maybe he understand more about creative quality & designers.
  5. My DH doesn't say anything to me about my spending but he's got his own expensive pastimes so he really can't comment.
    If your bags bring you pleasure and make you smile then that's all that matters.
  6. I don't let anyone speak to me like that.
  7. Nope, my BF isn't like that but that's because I know when to stop most of the time. If it's your extra $, then go ahead and get what you want. If the $ indeed would be 99% more reasonable to put towards a downpayment of a house, I'd pick the downpayment over the bag. But it doesn't sound like you guys are shopping for a house yet.
  8. My hubby isn't like that and never has been. But if you both had enough money and a home would he still talk like that? Maybe he just wants to better your future first.
  9. We've only been dating like 6 months.. We don't even live together.. He's just being an *******. My family and i have money (although we are not rich) and the money for my handbags is just from a part time job.. I don't have other bills (rent, morage, car payments, etc.) to pay, and this is how i like to spend my money. He will constantly just tell me that i could get the same thing at Ross or whatever and just generally insult me and others who like to spend their money on designer and couture things. I don't know.. he doesn't have much money himself, and sometimes i think he's just scared cause he knows he can't support my shopping habbits.. but he's SO harsh and i've assured him i don't expect him to buy me these things.. :shrugs: i'm starting to think he just isn't right for me..
  10. we can only hear you, and from what you said, it seems like you don't feel comfortable with him anymore.
    it's your own decision to make :P
  11. My boyfriend is appaled by the amounts of money I´m spending on my LV´s (and I´m buying them used!!!) and constantly gives me **** about it. That being said, he also always comments on my bags and think they are fabulous quality. So I won´t complain too much about him.
  12. He might just feel insecure that he doesn't have that much money and he cares about you a lot but he feels.....I'm not sure of the right term. Like you know how a guy wants to be the one to buy the ring for the girl cause other guys might laugh at them if it's the other way around? He might like/love you enough to know that he's afraid that he might not be able to meet your needs in the future or make it in the future (like say you guys ended up together and have a house.....). Talk to him about it. You can never be sure what he's thinking unless you talk to him.
  13. eeeeeeek..that must be tough for you! poor girl!

    Hmm...no my bf is not like that. He knows what you pay is what you get! He is very supportive..and actually my priority when selecting a man is 1) He must be able to accept my bag addiction and feed me more ! Otherwise the word BF won't even be in the picture!
  14. No way! You don't deserve that. It's just foreshadowing as to what your life with him would be like. I would never let any man (especially just a BF) put me down for what I like. He sounds like he could be very controlling. Even if he doesn't have the money himself he sound be happy YOU can have the things you want. He sounds jealous!?! I know it sounds crazy but guys CAN be jealous of things like that. I guarantee if you bought him something expensive and nice he would be thrilled! UGH

    If you can't see having a future with him then I say dump him before you get more involved!?! JMO!
  15. My boyfriend has never made me feel bad about what I have, but sometimes I think I have made him feel bad because he has no extra money to buy anything (poor law student lol)

    A woman my mom works with, whose sister works for Louis Vuitton in Paris, has a husband who is very understanding about her bags and even bought her a Cartier O__O