ID This Coach item! -- Post any Coach item name questions here! --

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  1. I definitely agree with the laced soho part...the details look just like my laced soho hobo in my avatar :smile:
  2. perfect thanks much!
  3. We are bag twins! I found mine at the outlet for a steal and had to get it. :P
  4. lol I have yet to wear mine thou ! I love the color but it is a bit stiff! :smile:
    I think I paid around 199 for mine
  5. A few months ago, someone here on TPF posted a picture of a keyfob that, I believe, she got at an outlet. The keyfob was leather and had like 3 turnlocks on the piece of leather. It looked to be made to match the Lily.
    When the picture was posted here, it was the first time I seen that fob and I have only seen one on ebay. Does anyone know the style # or name of this Fob and/or where I can find one? If anyone has a picture of it, that would be great too ( I can't seem to find the original post that I seen it in ).
  6. I saw that at the outlet and there was a matching skinny with turnlocks all over it and a little lily type flap. sorry, don't recall the numbers, but the skinny I think was $39, and I believe the fob was $24 maybe. The leather was teal.
  7. Here is the skinny, but I don't have the fob.

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  8. Here is Louislovers picture of the fob...maybe someone will recognize and be able to provide the info for you :tup:

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  9. That's it!!! Thank you very much for posting the pic!

  10. Ohhh...I've never seen that skinny before, I love it! Great, Now I will be on a wild goose hunt for that too :yes:

  11. Wow those are cute accessories!