i really love my ....

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  1. RM's - Jade Nikki and BBW MAM

    Non-RM stuff
    - Chapstick! Seriously, if I don't have one on me, I immediately go buy another one.
    - Hoop earrings
    - Plain white or black wifebeaters
    - LV inclusion bracelets
    - iPhone
  2. Here's my second set of loves...
    MAB in Tangerine
    Murad sunscreen
    Gucci perfume
    Orbit gum in Bubblemint!
  3. i have the black frames w. black lenses. i love them!!!! i really do...they are my only designer sunglasses that i own. they are enough for me tho :heart:

    other things that i love:
    -antique diamond ring i got for my birthday 2 years ago (have only taken it off 3 times since getting it)
    -my sex and the city complete series set!
    -all of my designer handbags (love them all for different reasons :shame:smile:
    -silver beaded sandals from target about 3 years ago that i recently found in the back of my closet
    -all my perfumes (i am a perfume junkie!)
  4. I love my...
    Cloud Grey MAM - it goes everywhere with me!
    Paige straight leg jeans - so flattering and so comfortable!
    iPhone - has my whole life on it... and
    Summer - its winter in Australia at the moment and Sydney has just had a crazy bad weather day.. two weeks until spring! Yay!
  5. mjdaisy- I'm a doofus! I was thinking LIP gloss! :shame: Whoops! But thank you for answering my question!!!!

    Right now I really love my ....
    Starbucks coffee tumbler :nuts:
    Madden girl wedges - height and comfort all in one!
  6. I really love my....

    MAB Hazelnut
    Tiffany Oval Tag Necklace
    Rainbow Flip flops
  7. oh i thought you meant the sunglasses hahah whoops i probably should have picked up on that because i was QUITE confused by your question but i just kinda went with it....it all makes sense now lol :roflmfao:
  8. I really love:

    My RMs of course!
    Burts bees chapstick
    HH mercer cuffs
    Joes Jeans
  9. Ooh I wanna join! :smile:

    • RM Blue/Grey Matinee
    • RM Wine MAM
    • RM Jade Nikki
    • Miu Miu Bow in Alluminio
    • LV Damier Azur Speedy 30
    • MY BF :heart:
    • My new Iphone
    • DKNY's Green Apple
    • Food!
    • DvB sunglasses
    • Tom Ford's Jennifer sunnies
    • LOVE
    • ****STARBUCKS**** <~~ maybe this should have been #1?:nuts:
  10. ^^:lol: I totally forgot starbucks!!

    oh and the BF too :love:
  11. Sheana REALLY :heart:'s her:

    black havianas
    dogeared gold feather necklace
    philip stein watch
    OPI nail polish
    camelbak bpa free water bottle
    chanel cerf or medallion tote
    rosebud salve
  12. OOO i just got this OPI polish in Grand Canyon Sunrise! It's on my nails and toes! A pretty coral brown color - perfect fall.
  13. Brand New RH Saddle City Balenciaga & coin purse! Sorry RM!!!!!!!!!
  14. KIMBER you MUST POST PICS!!! :drool:
  15. I really am loving my:

    Henri bags (in noir & dark brown)
    Black Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses
    all my flats & sandals