i really love my ....

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  1. This is inspired by that People Weekly Style Watch where they take a few pictures of a celeb wearing the same something three or four times. So the question is ... what things are you wearing everyday (or almost everyday) right now that isn't necessarily a brand new purchase???? OF COURSE - RM lovin' is STRONGLY encouraged!!!

    I'll start:
    Wine Nikki
    Chloe shades in what I like to call 'stonewash blue' :P
    Havianias in bright blue
    Mavi jean capris
    C.O. Bigelow lip gloss in spearmint
  2. RM Mattie in any color!
    Chanel sunglasses
    Jeweled flip flops
  3. Right now I am loving my
    ~Matties and K&M
    ~ New fall Chanel make-up collection
    ~ Scarves
  4. ~ BBW MAB is still a fave in my wardrobe~ she gets worn as least once a week
    ~ Steve Madden Luvvy heels! i love this style~ i have 3 different colours and still want to have them in all the colours
    ~ Revlon Dark Pleasures nail polish in deep red~ i'm so addicted to this right now
  5. BBW MAM
    Chanel Burgandy glasses
    MAC Purple Metallic Nail Polish
  6. Tangy MAM for the last few weeks but now that Fay is doing a number in our area---I think switching to my blue/gray mattie would be more appropriate. Of course, I'm not going anywhere- just staying home so as not to ruin my beloved RM bags...but I'm still rockin' my RM! ;)
  7. wine Nikki
    Chloe aviators
    black Havianas
  8. Sea green MAM
    tan Rainbow flipflips
    dark denim GAP bootcut jeans
    black oversize Coach sunglasses
  9. I am loving my:

    RM Rose clutch
    YMAIL YSL wallet and clutch
    TOM FORD sunnies
  10. *BBW MAM
    *true religion jeans
    *converse shoes
  11. Any of my RM bags
    Chanel Sunglasses
    Tiffany's necklace (gift from BF- worn everyday!)
    Steve Madden Gladiators
  12. ^^^

    I totally forgot about jewelry!

    I am ALWAYS wearing one of the two Tiffany necklaces DH gave me. :love:
  13. #13 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    Fun thread! :tup:
    I love my:
    RM Double Cream Nikki
    My prescription polarized Coach sunnies (obscenely expensive but worth every penny!)
    Every pair of sandals I can get my feet in
    Fresh homegrown tomatoes:graucho:
  14. Fantastic thread idea, I love it!

    I'm loving my:

    - Entire RM collection...I've been rotating bags every 2 days or so! Today it's charcoal BW MAM!
    - New dark purple Sephora by OPI toe polish
    - Helen Ficalora necklace with alphabet charms (my initials, my SO's and our doggie's paw print)
    - Adina Reyter hoops
    - Red RayBan wayfarers
  15. Dior Glossies