i really love my ....

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  1. I am really :love: my:

    Melissa Joy Manning - 14k Gold Square Hoop earrings...so dainty & just pretty!

    MAB - Iris/Purple Lizard...it's THE HOTTEST BAG!!!!
  2. i have alot

    -gustto cala in dk. gray
    -j brand 14" skinnies
    -benefit rodeo blush
    -james perse deep-v t's
    -michael kors gold square studded belt
  3. ACL: You got me obsessed with MJ Manning, woman -- ever since you posted about her earrings a while ago! I haven't bought a pair yet because I am trying to save up for RMs (ugg...) but I love them. I am into the big yet delicate look but am wondering if they bend out of shape too easily. How they are holding up?

    Oh yeah...if you look on tobi.com they sell another brand that's really gorgeous. It's called Circadian Studios. It costs a bit less, but has a similar feel.
  4. My shoe shelf: Burburry Riding Boots, Rock & Republic Patent Leather Boots, Ferregamo Flats, Tory Burch Heals, Prada tortoise shell platforms, and my fave, Donald Pliner Python Wedges. Rudy, my Pomeranian, is in there too.

  5. ^ hehehe, rudy looks so comfy sitting on that shelf - so fluffy and adorable!! And I like those burberry boots there ;)
  6. Awwww i love Rudy :love:
  7. This is a great thread!!

    I'm loving my zoe chicco necklace. I haven't taken it off since my BF bought it for me a few weeks ago! :nuts:
  8. I change up a lot. The only things that I wear every day are my Tom Ford Elizabeth sunnies, and a links of london 18k pendant with my initials on it...

    I do wear my black satin chanel ballet flats alot! And I tend to put on Creed's Spring Flowers most often of all my scents...

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  9. * RM collection (in heavy rotation)
    * Hudson jeans
    * Tom Ford sunnies
    * my new "milk" CL's
    * gold Tory Burch flats
    * J. Crew cardis (inside... it's still to damn hot out here)
  10. I really love my....
    ~Black/Blue Stamp MAM
    ~Coach Khaki/Pink Trim Capacity Wristlet
    ~LV Damier Cles
    ~Fossil Sunnies
  11. "If I die at Walmart, please drag my body to Neimans..."

    Haute, that is just hysterical!!!!!!!
  12. ^ITA!!!

    And that shelf w/your boots is amazing! Love it, Haute! :yes:
  13. Okay, I really love my:

    Wendy Nichols NYC Gold Pyramid Stud Earrings
    Alternative Apparel Joni Tunic with leggings
    Bordeux LQ scarf
    Lincoln Park After Dark nail polish on my toes...showing, o'course!
  14. -Night RM Market Tote (perfect for work and carrying work home!)

    -Manolo Blahnik Campari Mary Janes (see profile!)

    -Prada grey flannel pants

    -AG Angel jeans in Mica

    -Miu Miu petal skirt

    -Black patent Prada flats
  15. right now i'm loving~~
    ~my navy luxe mini nikki
    ~chip and pepper jeans
    ~ballet flats
    ~Nars orgasm blush and sephora lip gloss in rosy glow
    ~my evil eye/hamsa bracelets