i really love my ....

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  1. I am loving......

    Black with blue suede Matinee / Botkier Sasha in brown snake
    Burt's bees lipstick
    my ipod
    9 pens (I know I am a freak.it sounds freaky... I feel very unsafe without my pens...)
    Von Zipper sunglass (Dharma)
    my old wallet (I bought it 5 yrs ago, it is about 4 dollars.)
    eye drop (It is a Japanese product, called FX NEO)
  2. I'm with you, doppel...ever since i was a very little kid i always have at least 2 pens with me. it's a security thing. and a little notebook. (i write for a living).

    and japanese eyedrops, too (Rohto). they are the best! i started using them when mavala stopped making theirs, waaah.

    maybe we're from the same gene pool?

  3. I guess so...;) This is just my second year in the US, and shamefully I still have language difficulties. I am Chinese.
    Since high school, I have used more than 20 RHOTOs! I wear contact lens more than 8 hrs per day, so I am very picky on eyedrops.
    Do you read Japanese magazines, such as CanCam, VIVI...?
    Lately I saw a matinee picture and there was a gift charm from VIVI magazine hanging on the handles. Was it yours?
  4. cloud grey MAB
    LV black epi wallet
    Chanel sunglasses
    my new Helen Ficalora alphabet charm pendent (with my son's initials)
    Chanel Rodeo Drive polish (such a gorgeous shade of purple!)
    ALL of my MAC makeup!! I'm quite obsessed right now!
  5. Today loving my Estee Lauder Lippy in Cherry Blossom :smile:
  6. Hi! Don't worry, your English is great -- much better than my Chinese, so please don't be ashamed. :smile:

    I wish that charm (and the matinee, ha ha) were mine...but I have probably bought enought RHOTOs to buy a matinee with that money instead! (I wear contacts a lot, too -- I have horrible vision).
  7. Too cute! I just posted about my Helen Ficalora charms...they are my favorite everyday jewelry ever. I wear my initial, my SO's and a little paw print charm for our beloved doggie. :smile:
  8. I love this necklace! I have actually been wanting it ever since my son was born almost 4 years ago...so I finally broke down and purchased it after finally seeing it IRL! I'd like to get my DH's initial and mine as well!!
  9. I know watch you mean...did you get the silver ones from Shop Bop or do you have the gold? (I actually mixed the gold and silver so that I can wear them with everything, but would like to have a set that it all gold).
  10. I got the white gold. I ordered over the phone from her boutique in NYC. I actually didn't even know she made sterling silver ones until I logged onto ShopBop last night and saw them! In hindsight...the silver one's would have been alot cheaper...just one white gold charm plus shipping was $140! I didn't even get a chain, but oh well! I love it...and I supposed I could get DH and my initials in silver...
  11. -Cloud Grey MAB: I swear that this bag matches pretty much EVERYTHING I own! I've been using it non-stop for the past week...and I never do that!
    -Bal Argent CP w/GSH
    -Bal Anthra Mini Compagnon w/GSH
    -Chanel sunglasses
    -the car keys to my CLK - finally!!! My black beauty was getting serviced all week and I missed her terribly.
  12. I would love to have the white gold the most, to be honest -- the silver ones rock, but they tarnish quickly, even if you wear them everyday like me. As little bit of silver cleaning dip does the trick, though-- the woman at HF told me that I should just use that or even clean my non-silver charms (I have some yellow gold ones, but no chain) with rubbing alcohol. I had never heard of that.
  13. Deep purple MAM
    Awesome new adidas kicks - Top Ten High "tanabata"
  14. I always have/wear....

    - my Links of London silver bangle
    - my seagreen MAM (now I finally have her!)
    - a wooden ring from a market in France
    - Diptyque perfume

    Loquita - I have to tell you everytime I see you post I start smiling - I can't decide which picture of your dog is cuter...I think perhaps the back of the furry head, peering into your bag!
  15. Awww, Luda...thanks! Funny, but my BF always tells me that my pup make sme smile, too...someone just mentions his name (Mico -- it means "monkey" in Colombian Spanish) and I smile. :heart:

    And the funny thing is that he sticks his head in all of my bags, uninvited. Ha!