i really love my ....

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  1. umbrella! it's windy and raining out today :sad: I may have to retire the umbrella and replace it with something that won't flip when the wind gets a bit stronger haha
  2. Ooo I want to try these! What's your favorite shade?
  3. ~RM navy mam
    ~ tb revas
    ~ jcrew cardigans (all of them)
  4. RM bbw mab
    black havaianas
    lincoln park after dark nailpolish
    dogeared necklace
    MJ aviators
  5. Wine Nikki, MAC lipglass in Oh Baby, Versace sunglasses
  6. chanel blue satin nail polish
    tom ford farrah aviators
    j brand skinny jeans
  7. Ah, that's the best lipglass color!

    I used to wear it obsessively, but then I tried it on again the other day and the color seemed to have changed (or my face has, har har)...seriously, did they alter the color a bit? :shrugs:
  8. fun!!

    i really love my:

    RM navy mini nikki
    Cream chuck taylors
    Tiffany charm pendant
    Burberry sunnies
    MAC lipstick in California Dreamin

  9. RM Navy Nikki
    Black Havaianas
    Kate Spade sunnies
  10. Tangy MAM-- I've used it more than any RM.

    Havanianas flip-flops

    Ella Moss dresses
  11. You know, I've wondered that too, but I've worn that shade for SO LONG in different iterations of my look (w/highlights, natural hair color, w/tan, w/o tan) and with different eye shadows, etc. that it doesn't matter too much. I just love how it's fairly neutral, but with a ton of sparkle!
  12. Sam Edelman gladiator shoes
    Paige skinny jeans

    I would say wine nikki, but I didn't receive it yet :sad:
  13. I really love my...

    Blue Stonewash MAM
    Ray-Ban Wayfarers (purple frame+pink legs)
    Converse hi-tops in graffiti
  14. I really love my:

    oakley betray sunglasses
    violet mattie
    video ipod
  15. Can we post more than once with "loves?" (Mine tend to change, hee hee):

    I really love my...

    Alternative Apparel headbands
    Belcils black mascara (wouldn't walk out the door without it!)
    Nivea cherry lipbalm