Scarves How To Tie the Giant Triangle

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Didn't realize the giant triangle can be so creative!
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    Here are my contributions; I also am pleased with the triangle as it has less material than 140cm (less silk for me to spill food on lol)

    B5C10185-B50E-4CBD-8184-3D886ED83C66.jpeg A1C7B4D6-2644-4D37-91F4-1296DB7CBAA7.jpeg
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  3. Bova this is an amazing colorway on you!
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  4. I simply love this colorway! And you wear it so beautifully!!!
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  5. Glamorous lady!
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  6. Fabulous with your blue jacket, peppers!
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  7. Thank you so much katriona & Croisette7 !!
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  9. I love the giant triangle as well. Had kind of been hoping for an issue for the fall of something that hadn't already been issued a lot but I've already gotten a lot of use out of my Kachinas from the Spring.

    In the cooler part of spring when i got it I could accordion pleat it a few times and wrap it several times for warmth:


    This is a cowboy in front, but the ends and the triangle tip are tied in a knot to keep them under control

    Bova's Knot:

    And just rolled up in to a long roll:


    I'm sure a weave knot would also be great and I'd love to try out some of @BBC 's beautiful knots too.
  10. thank you!!! we are scarf twins!!
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  11. Thank you dear ladybaga, you must look amazing in yours!

    You are too kind monteverdi, thank you so much! :hugs:

    Wow, just wonderful on you peppers90, I don't know if I could pull off the shirt look, but it sure looks amazing on you!!

    Thank you kindly peppers90!

    Awww, thanks dearest Croisette :flowers:

    Yay twin!! This looks just perfect on you bunnycat, you have mastered the giant triangle!!
  12. Love this! So chic Bova!
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  13. Thank you for your kind words hannasophia!
  14. Thank you Bova! I am always thrilled to be your twin! :hugs:
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  15. This look fabulous with the blue jacket!
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