Scarves How To Tie the Giant Triangle

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  1. Bova- you look amazing! I particularly love the last pic of you- that yellow really suits you!
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  2. Oh dear, I dismissed buying a triangle in May in this exact CW because I didn’t have a clue how to wear it, or IF I would wear it. Now you are having me rethink that...
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  3. Scarf1- you would have no trouble at all, I think. These work great in a French knot.
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  4. Thank you bunnycat ♥️
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  5. Truly Beautiful! WOW!!!
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  6. Thank you so much Ladybaga!!
  7. Lol always happy to, help you, sweetie!!! :hugs::hugs::hugs:
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  8. Well Hello, Gorgeous!!!
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  9. So beautifully tied, bunnycat!
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  10. Ooooooh I love this one! Have you tried that with a CSGM as well? I don't like the cowboy cos it makes me feel like I'm wearing a bib, but this could solve that problem!
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  11. Thank you so much scarf1! Seeing your comment above, I think you should give this format another try, BBC's blue CW showcased here would be so wonderful on you....:graucho:
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  12. Thanks SO much for taking the time to do this - you have inspired me! I tried on my first giant triangle this spring, and have been percolating all this time! This has pushed me over the edge ( because I really loved it, just biding my time). Now my big problem is that I had chosen my CW, but this one ( which I hadn't seen in person) is now my fav!!
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  13. I don't have a giant triangle but I am immensely enjoying the creativity and friendly "win/win" competitive spirit being shown. Rock on, ladies and gents!
  14. ABDEC824-6D9B-4D0B-94AE-371E32AD04C6.jpeg Nothing fancy here. I just threw my Kachinas cw 01 over my shoulders. I love the feel of the giant triangle. Very thick and soft.
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  15. Perfection with such ease ladybaga, I love it!
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