Scarves How To Tie the Giant Triangle

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  1. Thank you, Bova! :hugs:
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  2. Thank you @BBC , @bunnycat, and @Bova123 for all of the great ideas! I am a huge fan of the giant triangle even though I poo pooed it the first time I saw it. It' a perfect scarf for the hot summer days around here.
  3. Lol- thank you twin!

    Thank you Croisette!
    Hi ajaxbreaker! I have not tried that yet. I have tried it with the GM mousselines and it worked for those. Give it a go!

    Looove your cw 01!
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  4. Those colours are so beautiful on you!
  5. Thank you so much! I have to say that this silk is amazing. I got a spot of motor oil on the border and it came right out using the blue colored dawn dishwashing liquid. I squirted a dot on the stain, ran under very cold water and it’s gone!
  6. Thank you, bunnycat! I love the feel of this! It feels so thick, yet cool. Very different than the feel of my 90s.
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