Scarves How To Tie the Giant Triangle

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  1. Hi! This thread was inspired by a comment elsewhere that there weren’t many options for tying the new-for-2019 large triangle. I purchased two as an alternative to the 140 cm silk, as it is essentially the same size, but less overwhelming on me.

    I decided to try to see how many different ways you could tie this new format, and for here most of the tying choices were to highlight the advantages of the additional length over the 90cm size.

    Tbh I don’t really vary the way I bias-fold my scarves, and I never wear them cowboy-style, but of course there are many ways to vary, even within the same fold. You can fold in toward an edge, you can fold in preferring one side, you can fold in alternating sides. All these photos were taken without varying the bias fold, but any change to the fold will change what shows up front when tied.

    So, here are a few options I came up with in a few minutes, and I only stopped taking pictures where I realized that there really are many MANY ways to tie and wear the large triangle.

    I hope you all enjoy this! Sorry about my horrendous dress form, it has a very distracting pattern on it so I tied an old robe onto it.

    91B1BDDB-848D-492F-A55A-0C1D6395BB19.jpeg 7398970A-322E-411E-99EC-E701D2EE265A.jpeg 524C85B1-75C8-4A56-A62B-81EA2DB9AA69.jpeg 8E445A36-33E6-4EFF-8AD8-9FB97487D0E1.jpeg 42BCB93B-2F0C-46C7-BA0B-A68E74ADC849.jpeg 5B007A09-8FC6-4750-B8E9-E1560D767F99.jpeg AE3F16E4-9849-4861-824C-370CE3793154.jpeg 744E845E-1C45-4D1C-A838-009F93681128.jpeg

    More to follow...
  2. D6323E86-5C98-448D-870B-2E1B2FA5E6E5.jpeg 24550FE5-09F0-4FA0-B901-4A2082EB4151.jpeg 03BBC805-E9E5-441E-8B25-DFB20CE03D9D.jpeg 3C7CB4BD-418E-4CA9-B543-649F6C5287BA.jpeg

    So that is what I came up with immediately. And of course there is cowboy style...

    816CE317-9361-4BB6-B832-D3BFEA83C88D.jpeg 91F648AA-FC28-475B-85BA-E383FAF940CF.jpeg

    Also I discovered a second way to bias fold. There is enough material that is think enough to fold in half once and then bias fold - like this -


    Then you can just drape it around your neck like this…


    Or tie it...


    Or even use a regate scarf ring.

    So? How many other ways can you tie the Giant Triangle?
  3. I love this! Also happy that I’m not the only fan of the giant triangle - I’m planning to get a fourth as soon as the new f/w designs appear. I’m not as fancy or complex when it comes to wearing my triangles as I prefer to use them as a shawl, quick tie, or cowboy/bib look. And that kachinas cw remains the favorite of my three. :tup:
  4. Thank you for showing so many ways, BBC!
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    THANK YOU so much for this thread! I have only worn my Kachinas a couple of times because I didn't know how to tie it! This amazing thread has taught me so much!!! You are the "Queen of Giant Triangle Styling!":hugs:I can't wait to play with my scarf!

    I came back to write more....The photo after the hacking knot, (#3) is so glamorous! The half bow, I believe. WOW! LOVE IT! I'm also going to try the regate ring with knot and the bias fold that doubles the scarf. VERY CREATIVE and CLEVER! Thanks again!
  6. Awesome thread! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see how others model their scarves here as well.
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  7. Glad you like this! And yes, I really like this new size, there is definitely a place for it in my wardrobe, too.

    My pleasure! Happy to enable!!!

    Thanks soooo much! I'm glad my photos are useful to you. Yes, that photo after the hacking knot is a half bow. There is also another, similar tie in the second batch of photos (#3 in the second batch) which I invented on the spot a few years ago. It requires one of the three-holed scarf rings but is one of my favorite ways to tie a scarf. I ought to post instructions on it somewhere. I have variations depending upon what kind of silk one is tying.

    Glad to help!!!
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  8. Glad to know about the three holed scarf ring! I’ve seen those on line and will have to check to see if my store has one of those. It’s spherical, correct? That half bow you created is beautiful.
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  9. This is awesome BBC, thank you so much. We are twins on the bright pink Kachinas Giant Triangle, and I totally agree with you that it is a pleasure to wear. As you mention, it is light, like the summer 140, but less material, and I would add that the softness reminds me of the vintage 70's. I just love mine, and now you've given me many more ideas on how to wear it!! I believe I already posted one or two of these photos, but I thought it would be handy to post here so fellow scarifies can view some of the styling options on one thread.
    IMG_6239 (1).jpg IMG_6241 (1).jpg IMG_6329.jpg
  10. All of these are great, and I know three or four would be my go-to ties....I love that design, I can see why you chose it! Superb!
  11. Beautiful Bova!
    These colors look amazing on you! Thank you for sharing your knots! I will definitely try them out on my giant triangle.
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  12. Very cool thread! Thanks for doing this.
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  13. You :rochard: @BBC !!! Love this so much!!! Thanks for the inspiration, as always! :love:
  14. Well done BBC! Thank you for taking the time to take pictures and sharing with us! I do like the fact there us not as much silk so being weightless IS appealing especially in the summer. Great post.:heart::tup:
  15. My, you are beautiful! This CW suits you so well!
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