Hermès SS2019 RTW PLUS

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  1. Hey there! Excuse my ignorance as I am a newbie and my search didn’t bring anything - what is a push offer? Evelyne Sellier in grained Vache Naturelle sounds lovely !
  2. Please read here.
  3. click:
    "Push Offer"
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  4. Palpitations - the return of the sac a dos herbag and at least 3 scarves plus a few other SLGs. Nice bags - especially the slouchy big one with the serious strap - but I can live without them except the sac a dos herbag.
    Many thanks for posting the pictures - even the presentation made me sit up and take notice - looks like my dream office environment.
  5. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics... I am tempted by the sellier B for sure and yes lets hope it will come in size 30
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  6. Thank you both!!
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  7. More eyecandy from IG

    3088CDA1-7EB7-491F-A715-478EF39EB10D.jpeg B4359C61-807C-41DD-BCD7-6A0BE6F4D405.jpeg 15462EA4-7F51-47BE-A657-122667014CC0.jpeg C2961A7E-07D1-4330-B070-E84E0944DEA9.jpeg 9D7BAD17-2D36-435E-8D4C-418979CA6BDC.jpeg A24696D9-62E6-43F1-952C-62A544866BD9.jpeg 00C31B55-F493-4FF1-ABE4-B04A2E5BBF7C.jpeg 3E652DC0-B339-4C16-BD06-76051A8D10E9.jpeg
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  9. 4F09DF86-E3D1-4ABE-823F-415CC554BFBB.jpeg From Instagram- these wedges are :loveeyes:
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  10. More press day pics.
    30ADDC8A-82B9-4181-AF93-298ECAC1AF07.jpeg B5BBCCA1-DCBA-43C0-ABBB-E0450356EFDB.jpeg 9C5AF566-FC3F-49C5-8490-821E026B803E.jpeg A0EE7BAF-5D82-4BFF-948F-4B1F454EF6B9.jpeg 87075CD4-0835-4196-B05D-B4E667567E78.jpeg 6D840F29-35CC-4334-92CD-9A912E1F62F3.jpeg 1C10E538-F8A5-4820-B1A9-96E9CD9FC294.jpeg FAC8DECA-5889-4AD7-BEAA-C26EE410C6AD.jpeg 768B5F68-5736-49E9-B157-67C4816E87D2.jpeg
  11. 7674B942-D296-4F3E-977E-FACEBAF3112C.jpeg D1475E5A-C84D-42CE-A597-CB641924B6D2.jpeg B8769C46-CAB2-4D98-A2E3-776AAEE07B02.jpeg E23494D2-7582-45E1-B706-80876BB2BBB0.jpeg 4709D93B-E737-4599-97D7-07C4BDB4D359.jpeg C5B938A8-B8DD-4B17-B1D2-B63E3D8A3DD2.jpeg
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  12. The Birkin Sellier is so pretty :nuts::loveeyes:
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    This is interesting. Very nice wood. But I think I’d like it better if it was flat, not domed. And had the plaque behind the studs and ring. In general, I think it’s a nice idea.

  14. Showroom tour! :happydance: Video's in Mandarin, though, so heads up. :smile:
  15. Few pics from Press Day
    RTWPressPics01.png RTWPressPics03.png RTWPressPics02.png
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