Hermès SS2019 RTW PLUS

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  2. Thanks to intel from @emjani, here are some more images for SS19. SSBags.jpg SS19Shoes.jpg SS19Shoes1.jpg
  3. Me too - I am in love with the zany sneakers!
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  5. I don't know what to feel about the Cityback with purple hues
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  6. It can be as early as Nov (items from the Resort, pre-Spring collection) but usually it'll start trickling in come December for RTW in general.
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  7. Yeap, I posted it on the Podium thread. ;)
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  8. Likely Bleu de Nord, the new blue for SS19. :smile:
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  9. Thank you!
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  10. Can‘t wait to see more pics
  11. +1 for me!
  12. Just saw this on the men section online and was wondering if this was the old season or the new season. Seems very playful like the new season. I am Hoping it is new! Which means more stuff could be finding its was in now!!!