Scarves Hermès Spring/Summer '19 Scarves

  1. They should all be 70s!!!!
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  2. i’m glad I’m not the only one with weird phobias- I’m scared of butterflies :lol:
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    continuation of the research
    1. kawa-ora
    2. pierres-et-cristaux
    3. carre-70-les-coupes
    4. animapolis

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    hope it will be a bit better quality of animapolis - oops - mistake
  5. @emjani Thank you so much for sharing! :woot::ps:
  6. The upside of having phobias? The money you save on all the scarves you just cannot wear! :biggrin:
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  7. Animapolis
    Larubizana 140 silk

    I think we have enough intel to start a list for SS19! :biggrin:

    90cm silk
    L'Ombre des Pivoines
    Kawa Ora
    Pierres et Cristaux
    L'Art du Bojagi
    Equateur (reissue)
    Bride de Gala (reissue)
    Jungle Love (reissue)
    Perspective (reissue)

    140cm silk
    Sieste au Paradis?

    140 CSGM
    Zouaves et Dragons
    Faubourg Rainbow
    Les Cabanes
    Paisley from Paisley
    L'Art du Bojagi
    Jungle Love Tattoo

    Mythique Phoenix (reissue)
    Les Coupes (reissue)


    Astrologie Nouveulle?

    Please feel free to add and update the list as necessary. :smile:
  8. B177C634-B605-4510-8768-AD13E1133FAB.jpeg
  9. Kawa ora seems to be a Maori phrase ( NZ )
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  10. Just one thing about Animopolis.... SQUEEE! :woot:
  11. There is definitely an animal for every taste in that one. A soon as I saw the cat I thought of you! Not sure about the monster ( Godzilla? ) , but love those penguins!
  12. It means hello:flowers:
  13. Thank you @emjani and everyone else who have provided intel! So exciting!! :nuts::nuts:
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  14. This is a nice one!!! Sing me up too if reissuing most wanted classic is the Magic Kelly silk 140. No where to be found nowadays...